The Museum frequently receives unsolicited objects from members of the public as potential donations to the Museum’s collection. The Museum is very grateful for the public support and engagement demonstrated by these collection donations.

However, these gifts are often not aligned with our established collection plans, which reflect what we currently hold, our limited storage space and the needs of upcoming exhibitions, research and public programmes.

Consequently, the Museum has carefully reviewed unsolicited objects we’ve been given, and identified a number which do not meet the criteria set out in our Collection Development Plan. In some cases, objects came into our possession without contact information about the depositor, or contact with this person has been lost subsequently.

Help us locate the owners of these objects 

We would like to find the original owners of the objects pictured below so that we can return the objects to them. If we are unable to make contact with the original owners, these objects will be disposed of following the required waiting period of three months set by the Unsolicited Goods and Services Act 1975.

Human History

If you are the owner of one these objects, or know the owner please contact:

Collection Manager, Human History 
Auckland War Memorial Museum
Anna Beazley