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The Gazette Extraordinary

​In the early 1840s, the government relied on the newly established newspaper industry to notify colonists of government business. When the same newspapers published material that was critical of the Colonial Administration, the Lieutenant Governor William Hobson started a new publication, the Gazette Extraordinary.

The battle for Chunuk Bair

The second phase of the Allied offensive at Chunuk Bair was to have achieved its major objective - capturing the three key high points of Chunuk Bair, Hill Q and Hill 971 (Koja Chemen Tepe) - by dawn on 7 August.

The beginning of the assault on Chunuk Bair

Some historians argue that 8 August is more significant to New Zealanders than Anzac Day, because it was the New Zealand troops' worst and most outstanding day on Gallipoli.

Meet the objects: The daily life of a soldier

The daily life of a New Zealand soldier during the First World War is a story of hardship, danger and death, fuelled by a path of duty and self-sacrifice. Taking a look at the objects that soldiers handled on a daily basis provides an insight into their experience.

The Huia

​In a country known globally for its unique bird diversity and the tragic loss of its birdlife following human arrival, no species resonates more in the stories of the formation of our nation than the huia.​

Print and pattern in New Zealand textiles

New Zealand's textile designs provide a fascinating window on our social history. Most were used in practical and fashionable items that have long since been discarded. Fortunately the Museum holds a small historical collection and a growing number of contemporary works.


Brought to New Zealand by early settlers, the technique of quilting remains popular here today. The Auckland Museum collection includes around 50 quilts, from traditional European and American bed quilts to Pacific Tivaevae.

Heritage Auckland newspapers

Many know of the Auckland newspapers The New Zealand Herald and the Auckland Star. But were you aware that at least 16 other newspapers were published in Auckland between 1841 and 1880?​​

John Watt Beattie's south and western Pacific views

View photographs of South and Western Pacific life taken by J. W. Beattie in 1906. The original glass plate images are digitised for easy viewing.