Imagining and realising the exhibition - The Secret World of Butterflies - drew on the talents of prop makers, sewers, expert pinners, 3D modellers, display technicians, foley artists, curators and more.

The team worked to create several digital interactives, physical games and a giant caterpillar that is the centrepiece of the exhibition. In this feature, we look at how some of these pieces were created.



Digital Garden 

One of the most popular pieces in The Secret World of Butterflies is a large immersive digital garden where visitors can create a butterfly, colour it in and then release it into a tropical scene.

This virtual world is populated with mud-puddling butterflies, a burbling stream, butterfly-snatching birds and more.

Visualising and building this interactive experience took several months of hard graft from the digital agency Method who worked with our exhibition developers and curators.

In this video, we asked the team about some of the challenges and triumphs of creating this digital piece.