Arts + Climate Innovation Roadshow

TUES 13 NOV, 6PM - 8PM

We live in an increasingly hot, hungry and less equal world. Scientists tell us we have a critical window – less than a decade - in which to act to prevent climate events that may be beyond civilisation’s capacity to adapt. The urgent need for far reaching social, economic and technological responses is not being matched by action. 

For centuries, the arts have played a major role in recording and reflecting the state of human society and our relationship with the natural world. Artistic expression continues to help us today by communicating complex issues and the rich relationships between all things that make our world a dynamic, challenging and wondrous experience. The arts not only show but make us feel the problems we face and opportunities we aspire to realise. 

The Arts + Climate Innovation Roadshow aims to educate, connect and engage with a wide cross section of the arts sector around New Zealand in a two hour interactive presentation. It will roll out over a three month period from July 2018, touring ten major centres - including Auckland. 

The Roadshow has two main aims: 
• to educate, connect and engage with a wide cross section of the arts community around New Zealand on climate change – one of the biggest cultural challenges of our time, and; 
• to elaborate an arts sector response exploring the role arts can play in stimulating climate innovation and action to adapt to climate impacts and shape our low emissions future, and ways to support higher levels of artistic engagement. 

The presentation will cover: the latest climate science, the work that’s underway in New Zealand to adapt and shift to a low emissions society, and exciting examples of arts - of all forms and scale – already working in the climate change space. Participants will be invited to discuss strategic questions relating to how the arts can inspire climate action, and ways more artistic expression of climate change can happen with support. 

An open invitation will be promoted through social media and other channels. Attendance will be by RSVP on a registration platform run by Track Zero.

Please see Facebook link for more information and videos from previous events.