Shi(f)t Happens: Intersectionality in Feminism Symposium

SUN 12 AUG 9.30AM - 7PM

Explore the ideas and themes sparked by the Are We There Yet? exhibition in this symposium addressing the social impact of intersectional feminism through lectures, panels, workshops, artistic interventions and performances.

By taking an intersectional approach to our activism, the feminist movement will not inadvertently ignore some of the most disadvantaged in a community. It will more accurately recognise that the realities of people’s lives such as class, race, sexual orientation, disability, and gender, do not exist separately from each other but are complexly interwoven.

The primary focus of this symposium is to identify intersectional methodologies for professional and creative work, set new ambitions for collaborative models of practice, and advance the implications of inclusion. What is the future of feminism and how do we grapple or imagine these feminist futures? And most importantly, can intersectional feminism help all of us?

The symposium will feature academics, activists, creative individuals and collectives whose work amplifies underrepresented voices, engages cross-disciplinary thinking and catalyse its potentials within the feminist community of Aotearoa.

The event will close with an on-site drinks and net-twerking with all the delegates.



Booking information

Tickets on sale mid-June. Bookings recommended at ticket desks, +64 9 306 7048 or A booking fee of $3 applies to each offsite transaction. Door sales subject to availability.