Night at Auckland Museum - Secrets....shhh!

Night at Auckland Museum - Secrets....shhh! FAQs

Night at Auckland Museum: Secrets...shh!


Frequently Asked Questions

When is it? 
Saturday 7, Sunday 8, Monday 9, Wednesday 18, Thursday 19 and Friday 20 July 2018. From 6pm - 8.30pm. Museum doors open at 5.30pm (for access to atrium only).

Which entrance do I use?
Entry is via the Atrium on the southern side of the building. 

How much is it? 
Until 14 June, we have early bird tickets at $25 for standard tickets or $20 for members. (Night at Auckland Museum is free for those 3 years and under.)
After 14 June, standard tickets are $30 and members are $25.  
Door sales: $35 (subject to availability), member door sales $30. 

All bookings include a one-off fee of $3 per transaction

What age is it suitable for? 
We believe there is something for visitors of all ages in this programme. The most suitable age group is between 5 and 12 years. 

How do I book? 
You can book online at Search on our event calendar for Night at Auckland Museum: Secrets …shhh! and follow the instructions. 

Will the car park be open? 
Yes, the Museum’s underground car park will be open for the evening, at a special discounted rate of $10.00. As usual there will be free parking up to 180 minutes around the Museum and the Domain. 

What do we need to bring? 
Torches! For safety reasons, we keep lights on low, but it will still be darker than usual inside. A torch will help you navigate your way around.

What shall we wear? 
Visitors to the Museum are encouraged to dress up as an ‘object’ in case they encounter Bob Tickbox, the Health & Safety Manager. That way they can blend into the Museum artefacts to hide! There will be prizes for the best disguises on the night. 

It can get very warm inside the Museum at night, so it’s best to bring layered clothing. And leave your high heels at home. There is a cloakroom in the Atrium. The lockers are a gold coin, and this is refundable when belongings are collected.

How does the evening progress?
Our ‘Night Custodian’ team will sneak you into the Museum, and then you are on your own to wander the galleries at will and discover all those characters waiting for you. Your special mission is to find out how the Museum can better look after these living objects by getting to know them. Then when you have explored to your heart’s content, return to the Atrium. There you can add the information you’ve gleaned to each object’s file before you leave. 

Is it a guided tour? 
No, you choose your own route around the Museum and explore at your own pace.
What will I find around the Museum? 
There are lots of special objects who have woken up including: 

A Tea House owner, a Pacific navigator, a Māori princess, a lost dolly, a suffragist, Basil the dinosaur, an ancient Egyptian servant, a couple of soldiers, a WWII nurse and a living statue of Zealandia. 

In addition, there are three trusty ‘Night Custodians’ to help you on your journey, and give you essential tips. 

If you’re unlucky you may cross paths with the Health & Safety Manager, Box Tickbox. Freeze! Be sure he doesn’t see you!

In addition to these folks, there are a few secrets rooms that have been opened up, especially for this event. Some doors are meant to be opened!

What adult-children ratio do you recommend for the event?
We recommend one adult for a maximum of five kids, as this event is self-guided. 

Are we allowed to bring food and drink?
There will be no food or drink for sale at the Family Night at Auckland Museum. 

You can bring bottled water with you, but no food or drinks are allowed in the Museum galleries.  

You are welcome to make use of the Kai Room as a place to eat. The Kai Room is on the first floor, above the atrium, and next to Weird & Wonderful. Please be aware of the following restrictions: The Kai Room is not a bookable space, food cannot be left unattended, candles on cakes cannot be lit anywhere in the building; no decorations, such as banners, party poppers or balloons can be used.