Frequently Asked Questions


When is it? 
Tuesday 1, Wednesday 2, Thursday 3, Sunday 6, Friday 11 and Sunday 13 October 2019. From 6pm - 8.30pm. 

Which entrance do I use?
Please enter Auckland Museum via the Grand Foyer entrance on the northern end of the building. The southern atrium entrance will not be open as it is currently closed. 

How much is it? 
Until Sunday 8 September, we have early bird tickets at $25. (Night at Auckland Museum is free for children 3 years and under.)
After Sunday 9 September, tickets are $30.  
Door sales: $30 (subject to availability).

Note: All bookings include a one-off online transaction fee of $3.

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What age is this event suitable for? 
We believe there is something for visitors of all ages in this programme. The most suitable age group is between 5 and 12 years. 

How do I book? 
You can book online here. 

How should we get there?
We recommend public transport. There is limited paid parking available in the Museum's underground car park - see here for full details on transport options and parking details. 

Will the car park be open? 
Yes, the Museum’s underground car park will be open for the evening. As usual there will be free parking up to 180 minutes around the Museum and the Domain. Please note, if you choose to park in the underground car park, there is currently no access underground to the building. Please exit the car park through the entry on foot and walk around the building to the Grand Foyer entrance.

What do we need to bring? 
Torches! For safety reasons, we keep lights on low, but it will still be darker than usual inside. A torch will help you navigate your way around and add to the fun!

What shall we wear? 
Visitors to the Museum are encouraged to dress up as a sailor (parents too!) and there will be spot prizes for the best costumes on the night. 

It can get very warm inside the Museum at night, so it’s best to bring layered clothing. And ladies leave your high heels at home, we recommend flat/comfortable shoes. There won’t be a cloakroom available for use, so leave your luggage at home! 

How does the evening progress?
You’ll be apprenticed into the Royal Navy outside where you’ll be briefed and be given your map. Using this you can navigate the Museum and find all the characters and activities in your own time. Although the whole Museum is open; the Landlubbers to Scurvy Dogs activities take place on the Ground Level and Level 1 only. 

Is it a guided tour? 
No, you can explore at your own pace with your own group.
What will I find around the Museum?
There are lots of Landlubber to Scurvy Dogs activations including: 

• A host of sailors including the Boatswain, Lieutenant and a young Midshipman, who will school you in the ways of 18th century seafaring – hopefully you can avoid the dreaded cat o’ nine tails.

• Waimiria, a kuia and Thomas the ship’s cook will share their very different experience of food – one fresh from the land and the other rather unappealing. Unfortunately, you’ll get the chance to taste the unappealing cuisine. 

• An old salty seadog who will tell you his first-hand tales of sea monsters and fantastic beings – if he is to be believed.

• Other Endeavour explorers like Charles Green the astronomer and Sydney Parkinson the artist who are keen to share their knowledge with you and will need your assistance.

• A Tahitian vahine who is curious about these strange visitors to her land.

• Greet and try to communicate with a Māori rangatira without speaking the same language. Can you make your intentions clear?

What adult-children ratio do you recommend for the event?
We recommend one adult for a maximum of five kids, as this event is self-guided. 

Are we allowed to bring food and drink?
You can bring bottled water with you, but no food or drinks are allowed in the Museum galleries. Please note no food or drink will be available for purchase so we recommend filling your bellies before you come. 

What is a Landlubber and a Scurvy Dog, anyway? 
A landlubber is someone unused to being onboard a ship. A Scurvy Dog is an individual who has spent probably too much time at sea. 

ENJOY! Lights out….