About This Website

The Volcanoes website is the result of a partnership between Auckland War Memorial Museum and the Earthquake Commission (EQC).

Living safely with volcanoes involves a number of approaches. Utilizing the latest monitoring techniques, conducting research, developing thorough and well-rehearsed emergency procedures and putting systems in place to help recover after an eruption are all essential components of helping to stay safe. The Volcanoes website aims to provide details related to all of these crucial issues.

Assistance from GNS Science, (a New Zealand government-owned scientific research organisation) and the University of Auckland has made it possible to provide up-to-date information concerning research being conducted into New Zealand’s volcanoes, advice about how best to protect your homes and families during an eruption and a wide variety of information about our fantastic volcanic landscape.

As well as providing information about our volcanic heritage the Volcanoes website also provides visitors with up-to-date information concerning the latest advice from some of the key organisations that are constantly involved in working to help us live safely with our volcanoes. Live data feeds from webcams and other monitoring processes are available within the site courtesy of GeoNet, the national hazard surveillance system. GeoNet is a collaboration between the Earthquake Commission and GNS Science.


The Earthquake Commission

This website is presented in association with EQC with assistance from
GNS Science.

Auckland Museum is grateful for the support of the following scientists:

Dr Hamish Campbell
Senior scientist
GNS Science

Dr Jan Lindsay
EQC Research Fellow
University of Auckland

Brad Scott
GNS Science Volcano Surveillance.

GNS Science
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