Current Research

The Earthquake Commission supports both research and public education in relevant areas of natural hazards science. It helps to transform this scientific research into practice and provides a connection between scientific knowledge and resilience within the community.

Two current research projects taking place in Auckland, with Earthquake Commission sponsorship, are the DEVORA and BICEP programmes. Both projects involve researchers from the Institute of Earth Science and Engineering, (IESE), and are being carried out in collaboration with GNS Science.

IESE is a joint venture between the University of Auckland and Auckland UniServices Ltd. One of IESE’s goals is to apply research to practical issues of volcanic hazard assessment and mitigation and the exploration of geothermal resources. IESE’s research projects range from the geochemical and geophysical characterisation of magma systems to forensic studies of volcanic eruption deposits in an effort to reconstruct past volcanic events (from small basaltic eruptions to catastrophic rhyolitic super-eruptions) with a view to the future.



The DEVORA research programme is aimed at a much-improved assessment of volcanic hazard and risk in the Auckland metropolitan area, and will provide a strategy and rationale for appropriate risk mitigation. This will be based on increasing our understanding of the Auckland Volcanic Field through an integrated, multi-disciplinary, multi-agency study. More »

Institute of Earth Science and Engineering

BICEP Project

BICEP, the Borehole Instrument Centre for Eden Park, will allow seismic observation at a 250 metre depth under the new South Stand at Eden Park stadium. Through this project, the seismic and dynamic characteristics of the soil and rock under the stadium and the Auckland region can be measured and observed, giving a better understanding of the region for both hazard management and construction. More »


The Earthquake Commission 

Dr Hamish Campbell

Dr Hamish Campbell
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Hamish Campbell talks about the work of the EQC

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