Live Feeds

Scientists are constantly monitoring New Zealand's volcanoes. Throughout the Volcanoes website live feeds updated every 15 minutes are integrated into the different section pages.  Explore the latest seismograms, web cams and other forms of volcanic monitoring from this page.  The information on these pages is collected from GeoNet.

Herne Bay Drum

Not If, But When

Herne Bay Borehole seismogram drum displaying seismic activity in Auckland for the previous 24 hours.


Find out what is happening deep below

Seismic Monitoring

To find out what is happening deep below, sensitive motion detectors (seismometers) track the arrival time and strength of each wave of energy moving through the ground.


Raoul Island web cam

Live Volcano Web Cams

The use of web cams enables observation and confirmation of changes in behaviour of our volcanoes without the need to have scientists on site.


Current Volcanic Activity in New Zealand

An overview of current volcanic activity in New Zealand.

Detailed information showing earthquake activity, seismic drums, seismicity diagrams and maps of the monitoring networks, plus photos and movies for some of the volcanoes, can be viewed by choosing a location from the map, the table or a tab shown above.


Auckland Museum acknowledges GeoNet for providing data used in this page.

“Volcanoes are in fact indexes of danger, and the absence of them is the best security.”
– James D. Dana, US Exploring Expedition, Philadelphia, 1849.

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