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Event series

Winter Walk and Talk Series

Past Event
TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS, 4 JUL TO 21 SEP, 1:30PM. Tour Duration: 45 Minutes


Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira

Go on a journey of discovery about our history, culture and the environment with the Winter and Talk tours. With a diverse range of topics exploring New Zealand’s unique natural history, the early navigators of the Pacific, untold stories of the First and Second Wars through to the stories behind some of our iconic objects, there is something of interest to everyone.
Our tour guides are united by a passion for life-long learning, with backgrounds ranging from architects to academics, Austin Healey loving philosophers and recipients of the New Zealand Order of Merit, to barristers and direct descendants of the ANZACs.
Engage in lively discussion with your group and hear entertaining anecdotes, tales and history. Afterwards, explore the Museum and sit down at the museum’s café and talk further with your guide.
The Walk and Talk tours will inspire you and stir your pride in Auckland’s Museum, as you see the Museum’s objects in a new and thought-provoking way.

Booking information

  • Tours run from 4 July to 21 September 2017
  • Tours start from the Grand Foyer on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30pm
  • $17 per person or $15 per person for three or more tours
  • $15 per person or $13 per person for three or more tours for Museum Institute Members
  • Maximum 15 people per group
  • Limited availability

To book, call 09 306 7048, email or click the book now button below. A booking fee of $3 applies to each offsite transaction. Door sales subject to availability.


Tours Available

Tours Tuesday
80 million years of evolution - New Zealand's Natural History 18 Jul 24 Aug
Auckland’s explosive geographic history - Layers of Understanding 4 Jul 10 Aug
  14 Sep
World War One - Looking to the past to understand our future 8 Aug 6 Jul
World War Two - the conflict continues 22 Aug 20 Jul
One Land, Two People – New Zealand’s conflicts of the 1800’s 5 Sep 3 Aug
  21 Sep
Development of a New Zealand style of design 11 Jul 17 Aug
Auckland Museum – An iconic heritage building 1 Aug 31 Aug
12 Sep  
Navigators of the Pacific – a fascinating story of discovery 15 Aug 13 Jul
Aotearoa - the first people in this land 29 Aug 27 Jul
Investigating the characters behind the stories - The Great and the Glorious 25 Jul 7 Sep
19 Sep  

New Zealand's Natural History - Explore how 80 million years of isolation affected our ecosystems

Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira
18 JUL - 1:30pm / 24 AUG - 1:30pm

If we are to protect our environment for the future, we need to appreciate how special it is, so that we can stop repeating the mistakes of the past. On this walk, we explore 80 million years of history in the Auckland Museum Origins Gallery to develop an appreciation of the precious nature of our flora and fauna. Discover how New Zealand’s isolation has led to the development of many unique characteristics of our native birds, such as the inability to fly, and how this has impacted on their vulnerability.

Navigators of the Pacific - A fascinating story of discovery

Auckland War Memorial Museum - Tamaki Paenga Hira
13 JUL - 1:30pm / 15 AUG - 1:30pm

Even though linguists, archaeologists and DNA analysts have added greatly to our understanding of the waves of Polynesians who explored the Pacific, why do we still read of Vikings, Celts, Chinese or Moriori having landed here first? Discover how skilled navigators settled the islands of the Pacific Ocean over a period of five thousand years, how they survived their journeys into the unknown and about their extraordinary navigation skills.

Aotearoa - the first people in this land

Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira
27 JUL - 1:30pm / 29 AUG - 1.30pm

When the first humans set foot on New Zealand soil, they were faced with a host of new challenges. These new arrivals from Polynesia rapidly explored the country, and adapted their traditional skills to the new resources they found. They created a rich new culture and way of life that can be explored in our museum galleries. This is an ideal choice of walk to follow the Navigators of the Pacific tour.

World War One - Looking to the past to understand our future

Auckland War Memorial Museum - Tamaki Paenga Hira
6 JUL - 1:30pm / 8 AUG - 1.30pm

On this tour you will get an intimate glimpse into the lives of the young men from New Zealand who fought for their country in far-off lands over one hundred years ago. We look at their ingenuity in making bombs out of jam tins, and the items they treasured from home, from their simple mending kits to cherished photographs of loved ones. Small personal items and diaries tell their stories, and allow us to better appreciate what they experienced.

World War Two - the conflict continues

Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira
20 JUL - 1.30pm / 22 AUG - 1:30pm

The experience of war had a huge impact on a generation, whether they were fighting abroad or coping with conditions back home. Our galleries showing the WWII experience of New Zealanders cover the Pacific and European theatres of conflict but also reflect the impact of war on those not on the front line, from children and women, to pacifists and prisoners of war. During this walk you will discuss the spirit of “making do” with limited rations, the glamour of American troops being based here, and how pacifists were treated - bringing a deeper understanding of what it meant to be at war.

One Land, Two People - New Zealand conflicts in the 1800’s

Auckland War Memorial Museum - Tamaki Paenga Hira
3 AUG - 1.30pm / 5 SEP - 1:30pm / 21 SEP - 1:30pm

This is an opportunity to discuss and gain a deeper understanding of how New Zealand came to be the bicultural nation it is today. The story of how two cultures collided started in the 1800s with the arrival of the first Europeans to New Zealand. With the newcomers came social upheaval and new diseases; and a country inhabited by a strong and vibrant Māori culture was turned into one of both cooperation and conflict as new immigrants arrived, hungry for land.

New Zealand's Unique Design Style - 200 year journey of our unique style

Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira
11 JUL - 1.30pm / 17 AUG - 1:30pm

Whether you are a seasoned visitor or on your very first visit, it can sometimes be difficult to spot the hidden treasures of design the Museum has to offer. New Zealand is a melting-pot of people from all parts of the world, bringing their skills, techniques, and eye for design. But over time the exposure to new ideas and to Māori culture brought about a style that is uniquely and identifiably New Zealand – whether expressed in pottery, in silver or in textiles. See with new eyes items such as a chair crafted from whalebone, busts carved from kauri gum or an organ with wooden pipes painted to look like metal.

Auckland Museum - An iconic heritage building

Auckland War Memorial Museum - Tamaki Paenga Hira
1 AUG - 1.30pm / 31 AUG - 1:30pm / 12 SEP - 1:30pm

This is an opportunity for history and architecture buffs alike. The Auckland War Memorial Museum building is rich with stories about intricacies of historic design and modern additions. You will learn about the three returned servicemen who designed the 1929 building, and of the loving attention paid to the smallest design details. Over time, the building has had major additions built to the south, and inside and above the original structure. These include an award winning bowl suspended from vast beams, and substantial earthquake strengthening. You will never see Auckland Museum in quite the same way again.

Layers of Understanding - Auckland’s explosive volcanic history

Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira
4 JUL - 1.30pm / 10 AUG - 1:30pm / 14 SEP - 1:30pm

A must-do for anyone who might host curious visitors to Auckland. During this walk we explore the active volcanic field upon which the City of Sails sits. Listen to traditional legends and stories about the area and answer questions that explain mysteries such as why the scoria on Rangitoto Island is red. Discover a tree trunk shredded by the pyroclastic blast that formed the Pukekawa cone where the Museum stands today. We will also discuss the most recent findings about the Rangitoto eruptions that help us plan and predict the pattern of any future volcanic events in Auckland.

The Great and the Glorious - Investigating the characters behind our objects

Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira
25 JUL - 1.30pm / 7 SEP - 1:30pm / 19 SEP - 1:30pm

Get the real gossip on this guided conversation around the Museum which uncovers the fascinating stories behind some of the varied objects held within the Museum’s collection. Hear about the ‘other’ Duke of Edinburgh, about the ancient gold object that was stolen from the Museum years ago, and about the man who put together the evidence that the marvellous moa existed. These stories aren’t on the labels; get the true tales from the guides in the know!