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Noël Silke Brodie photographs and negatives

documentary heritage

Images and documents


  • Object Type
  • Name/Title
    Noël Silke Brodie photographs and negatives
  • Primary Maker
  • Place
  • Date
    Circa 1933-Circa 1945
  • Physical Description

    84 prints 8 negatives

  • Level of Current Record
  • Related Object Notes
    These photographs are associated with the manuscript collection Noel Silke Brodie - Papers relating to war service, I.D. MS-2005-39 held in the Museum Library, which includes diary, leave pass, newspaper cuttings, souvenir programme, typed testimonial, examination result slips and letters.
  • Media/Materials
  • Subject Category
  • Provenance Details
  • Content
    Photo groupings were provided as follows: PH.2004.21.1-13 (13 prints) are photographs relating to Pre-War. PH.2004.21.14-46 (33 prints) are photographs relating to the 1st Kiwi Company, N.Z. W.A.A.C., 2 NZ Convalescent Depot and Kalavere Camp/Hospital New Caledonia. PH.2004.21.47-67 (21 prints) are photographs relating to the No 1 New Zealand General Hospital in Senigallia, Rome and Sorrento, Italy. PH.2004.21.68-75 (8 negatives) are negatives relating to photographs taken in Italy of No 1 Hospital nurses and San Marino. PH.2004.21.76-77 (2 prints) are photographs sent to Noël Brodie from Sergeant L.F. ('Jimmy') Croker, NZ413031, NZ413031 RNZ A.F. C/- RCAF Jackson Building, Ottawa, Canada (his letters can be found in manuscript collection I.D. MS-2005-39 . See below). PH.2004.21.78-82 (5 prints) are photographs relating to Tripoli, Libya. PH.2004.21.83-84 (2 prints) are photographs relating to Benghazi, Libya. PH.2004.21.85-86 (2 prints) are photographs relating to Tunisia. PH.2004.21.87-88 (2 prints) are photographs relating to Egypt. And PH.2004.21.89-92 (4 prints) are photographs relating to Unidentified Locations. Almost all (except the final 2) photographs were also accompanied with descriptions on the reverse side and have been transcribed below. There may be errors in the transcription process.
    PH.2004.21.1-14 Pre-War
    1. Epsom Primary or Girls Grammar about 1933-1934, (Noël Brodie, extreme left), print
    2. Noël, Epsom Girls Grammar, about 1936, print
    3. Noël and friend, Epsom Girls Grammar, print
    4. [Surname dresses, hats and gloves], (Noël Brodie on left), print
    5. Noël walking down Queen Street in town [Auckland City], print
    6. [Wedding party], (Noël Brodie on left), print
    7. Karitane training, (Noël Brodie in centre), print
    8. Karitane Hospital Auckland, print
    9. Karitane Training Nurses, print
    10. [Karitane Hospital Auckland], print
    11. National Women's Auckland [Nurses], print
    12. In Mirimar? Camp, Wellington 1944, before going overseas to Italy, print
    13. [Noël Brodie in nurses' uniform], print
    PH.2004.21.14-46 New Caledonia
    14. Picnic in New Caledonia, 1943, print
    15. [Sunbaking on a beach], print
    16. At Con Depot, swimming in the river, 1943, print
    17. In front [Noël Brodie] up the river, at Con Depot, print
    18. Hazel sitting on beach up the island near Con Depot, print
    19. New Caledonia French house, print
    20. Inside our hut ready for inspection Con Depot, 1943, print
    21. At No. 1 Con Depot, New Caledonia, print
    22. Race Day in New Caledonia up country, print
    23. Our Bure room, on right, mine [Noël Brodie], print
    24. New Caledonia [burial service], print
    25. Dance at Kalavere Con Depot, print
    26. The dance band Kalavere Camp, (Curly? Wood) in front, print
    27. Sister Harrods with nurses, Hazel, Jean, Eileen and Marian, print
    28. Con Depot, men in hospital ward, print
    29. River in Kalavere where we went swimming and I washed our clothes, print
    30. Washing out clothes in the river at Con Depot "Kalavere", print
    31. ? [Nurses] at Kalavere, 1943, print
    32. Brothers attached to staff positions, Con Depot, 1943, print
    33. Maintenance Staff Kalavere, 1943, print
    34. Hall at Con Depot for concerts etc, print
    35. Margaret and Ann in their hut, Con Depot, 1943, print
    36. Con Depot ("By quoting No. G3195/12/44 soldiers or their relatives and friends may obtain copies for 1/6 each from Government Film Studios, Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand. Supply of copies of Official Photographs is limited to Six (6) per man per month"), 1943 print
    37. Offices at the Camp in charge of various sections, Kalavere Doctors, print
    38. Stores and office at the Camp, Con Depot, Kalavere, 1943, print
    39. Cook house, Con Depot, Kalavere, 1943, print
    40. Band at Bourail, New Caledonia, 1944, print
    41. Ted Spraggon in charge of Occupational Therapy 1943-44, print
    42. Office block and stores, Con Depot, Kalavere Camp, print
    43. Kalavere Camp Hospital, print
    44. Noël doing a dressing on a patient. This photo was in the "Herald" back in New Zealand, 1943, print
    45. Noël with some of the patients in ward, 1943, print
    46. [Bourail Club, soldiers, sun lounges, sun umbrellas], print
    PH.2004.21.47-67 Italy
    47. No 1 Hospital, N. Brodie, print
    48. No 1 Hospital, Senigallia, print
    49. "Nisan Hits" where we slept, No 1 Hospital, Italy, print
    50. "Nisan Huts" Senigallia, sleeping quarters, print
    51. Nurses outside their Nissan Huts, No 1 Hospital, print
    52. Sleeping quarters, No 1 Hospital, Italy, print
    53. Grounds outside the "mess", Italy, print
    54. Grapevine ally to Wards, Italy, print
    55. No 1 Hospital, Italy, N. Brodie, print
    56. No1. NZGH Senigallia Italy, 1945, sandhills on the right then beach (with pipeline) and the sea, print
    57. Rome on holiday, N Brodie, from No 1 Hospital, print
    58. Italy where the troops were camped, print
    59. [Group of unidentified soldiers "Titos Men"? A few on crutches. The following is written on the back ZA WSPOMENU NA VOŻNJU PORTOFICO-THRHNTO POKLHNSH Erah Frice?], print
    60. San Merino, Italy, print
    61. Main Street in Rome with Pat Markham and self [Noël Brodie], print
    62. Senigallia outside our mess, July 1945, Italy, Helen and myself, print
    63. At a night club in Rome with 2 Aussie airmen and one New Zealander, 1945, print
    64. Sorrento, Italy, print
    65. [Sorrento], print
    66. Sorrento, Italy, print
    67. Sorrento and coast, Italy
    PH.2004.21.68-75 Negative, Italy
    68. [Group on a picnic], negative
    69. [Picnic date], negative
    70. [Sitting on stone fence], negative
    71. [Possibly grapevines], negative
    72. [Aerial shot of a town], negative
    73. [Unidentified landscape, mountains, buildings], negative
    74. [Possibly grave markers], negative
    75. [Possibly castle guards], negative
    76. [Portrait of Sergeant L.F. ('Jimmy') Croker with the following inscribed: "His nibs with no shave, no hair trim, no bl... cares. A passport photo", print
    77. No 1 An old photo showing some of the course outside the sucker-slipper café in Watson, a little prairie town near my Bombing and Gunnery schools. Scottie Dunckett is in the background. We bundled the lady in the photo just to show there is some living things on the prairie besides gophers. The gopher is a kind of prairie rat that burrows in the ground but is quite stu?". Stamped with "Finished by Len Hillyard (Saskatoon)"], print
    PH 2004.21.78-82 Tripoli, Libya.
    78. Scottish Pipe Band at changing of guard in Tripoli, print
    79. Tripoli, print
    80. Marble Arch, [Arch of the Philaeni, Lybia], print
    81. Marble Arch, [Arch of the Philaeni, Lybia], print
    82. Maxi Rata, Tripolitania, print
    PH.2004.21.83-84 (2 prints) Benghazi, Libya.
    83. Benghazi with the Cathedral in the background, print
    84. Cathedral in Benghazi, print
    PH.2004.21.85-86 Tunisia
    85. 3 Kiwis among the olive groves in Tunisia. I'm [Noël Brodie] on the right hiding under the hat, print
    86. Italian POWs at Wadi Akarit, Tunisia, print
    PH.2004.21.87-88 Egypt
    87. 810376 Nurse Noël Brodie, No.1. N.Z. 9. Hosp. 2nd N.Z.E.F. C.M.F [Posing informant of pyramids and sphinx], print
    88. Br. Cemetery [El] Alamein, print
    PH.2004.21.89-92 Unidentified Locations
    89. "Orion" draft leaving 36H, Jan 1946, (From left front Grace Arnett, Joy Halstead, Joyce Armstrong, Joyce Thomas, Gwen Armstrong, ?Vera McFarlane /Whittaker at right) [most likely Taranto Italy], print
    90. Our Hospital main entrance, note design on building [possibly Egypt], print
    91. [Posing outside of beach baths with sun lounges, possibly Italy], print
    92. [Picnic and a truck, possibly Italy], print
  • Public Access Text

    Photographs 1 to 46 are in folder 1

    Photographs 47 to 92 are in folder 2

    Negatives 68 to 75 are in folder 3

  • Associated Notes
  • Subject Notes
    Noel Silke Brodie, 1920-1998, service no. 810376
  • Copyright
    Collection contains multiple items - rights applied at item level
  • Last Update
    11 May 2023

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