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Craddock album (2)

documentary heritage
  • Other Id

    82533 (Presto content ID)

    PH-ALB-576-2 (Reference Number)

    ACQ-2013-14 (Acquisition number)

  • Department

Images and documents


  • Object Type
  • Name/Title
    Craddock album (2)
  • Primary Maker
  • Date
  • Physical Description

    190 mm. x 252 mm. x 10 mm (closed)

  • Level of Current Record
  • Is Part Of
  • Subject Category
  • Content
    p1-1. Irene; print
    p1-2. Me & Gary's horse; print
    p2-1. Surgical block, V.A.D. quarters from Sisters lines?, Beirut; print
    p2-2. Looking down to Beirut from my window; print
    p2-3. Main Road between Sisters & Officers lines, Beirut; print
    p2-4. Surgical block, Beirut; print
    p3-1. A & B blocks, Beirut; print
    p3-2. Surgical block, Beirut; print
    p3-3. Indian patients; print
    p3-4. Entrance to hospital, Beirut; print
    p3-5. M.6 Beirut (medical block); print
    p3-6. Indian patients outside M.1. Beirut; print
    p4-1. Patients outside M.1.; print
    p4-2. Patients when out for a walk, Beirut; print
    p4-3. M.1. Staff, Beirut; print
    p4-4. Sisters laundry returning Beirut; print
    p4-5. Indian patients; print
    p4-6. Indian Patients; print
    p5-1. Packing up days in Sisters quarters Beirut, 1943; print
    p5-2. Packing up days in Sisters quarters Beirut, 1943; print
    p5-3. Packing up days in Sisters quarters Beirut, 1943; print
    p5-4. Laying path in Beirut; print
    p5-5. Caught gut, 1942; print
    p5-6. M.1. Beirut, Xmas, 1942; print
    p5-7. Johnny, Catherine, Ethel & Alice [snapshot of four nurses in uniform]; print
    p6-1. Sisters Mess, Beirut; print
    p6-2. Morning tea, Beirut; print
    p6-3. [Snapshot of five unidentified men]; print
    p6-4. Spare moments letter writing, McMillan; print
    p6-5. M.1. Xmas 1942; print
    p6-6. M.1. Xmas 1942; print
    p6-7. Chapel, Beirut, 1943; print
    p6-8. Packing up days; print
    p7-1. Suani Ben Aden, 1943; print
    p7-2. Swazi entertainment; print
    p7-3. Swazis; print
    p7-4. Suani Ben Aden, 1943; print
    p7-5. Waiting for Vivien Leigh, 1943; print
    p7-6. Swazis; print
    p8-1. Suani 21.3.1943 on arrival; print
    p8-2. Same site [Suani] 1.8.43; print
    p8-3. Dispensary, Suani; print
    p8-4. The Fort, Suani (Administrative block, stores, x-rays & O.T.); print
    p9-1. Hospital Cookhouse, Suani, 1943; print
    p9-2. ? at work, Suani. Cookhouse Coppers etc; print
    p9-3. Carpenters Shop, Suani, 1943; print
    p9-4. Tent 10 Suani, 1943; print
    p10-1. Tents 1 & 2 Suani, 1943; print
    p10-2. Ward 3 (Officers) Suani, 1943; print
    p10-3. Basket-Ball court in Men's Lines, Suani, 1943; print
    p10-4. Men's lines, Suani, 1943; print
    p11-1. 3N.Z.G.H. Concert Party, Suani, 1943; print
    p11-2. 3N.Z.G.H. Concert Party, Suani, 1943; print
    p11-3. Hugh Beaumont, Vivien Leigh & Leslie Henson at Suani, 1943; print
    p11-4. The King at Suani (General Lyon); print
    p12-1. The Fort, Suani (from unit Xmas Card 1943); greeting card
    p12-2. Suani early one morning before evacuation to Cairo, 1943; print
    p13-1. Hospital flags at Entrance, Suani,. 1943; print
    p13-2. Noel Coward on open-air stage, Suani (11.30 am. Temp 110°F); print
    p13-3. Freddie Miller, Joan E. Bill Ringquist, Me, Tripoli, 1943; print
    p13-4. Cairo July '43; print
    p14-1. [Joan Craddock with patient] 1942 (same photograph as p5-5.); print
    p14-3. [Snapshot of Joan Craddock] 1942; print
  • Copyright
    No known copyright restrictions
  • Last Update
    11 May 2023
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