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Craddock Album (1)

documentary heritage
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    ACQ-2013-14 (Acquisition number)

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Images and documents


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    Craddock Album (1)
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    Inside cover. t.s.s. Nieuw Amsterdam; postcard (photomechanical)
    p1-1. A memorable incident at sea; print
    p1-2. Corner of Taj Mahal Hotel, Bombay; print
    p1-3. Nieuw Amsterdam at Rio de Janeiro; print
    p1-4. Dhows alongside at Bombay; print
    p2-1. Modern flats on Bombay waterfront; print
    p2-2. Tin & copper market, Bombay; print
    p2-3. At the Bombay races; print
    p2-4. Bombay from Maladas; print
    p2-5. Dhobies in India; print
    p2-6. A daisy head, India; print
    p3-1. Afghan Memorial Church, Colaba, Bombay; print
    p3-2. Beggar in Bombay; print
    p3-3. Tom & self [Joan Craddock]; print
    p3-4. The Beach Candy Swimming Pool and Baths, Bombay; postcard (photomechanical)
    p4-1. Entrance to hospital ...Helmeih; print
    p4-2. Sisters Tents & hospital at Helmeih; print
    p4-3. Sisters Mess, Helmeih; print
    p4-4. Helmeih; print
    p4-5. Tented wards and stores at Helmeih; print
    p4-6. Sisters Tents Mess; Helmeih; print
    p5-1. Summer House & Officers Quarters, Helmeih; print
    p5-2. 3 N.Z.G.H. Tennis Courts, Helmeih; print
    p5-3. Wog village outside garrison fence, Helmeih; print
    p5-4. Summer House, Helmeih; print
    p5-5. Summer House, Helmeih; print
    p5-6. Clarrie? & a flamboyant tree (study in red & white); print
    p6-1. Laundry, Tailor, Boot maker, Bookshop, etc at Helmeih; print
    p6-2. Laying concrete floor in tent at Helmeih; print
    p6-3. Sisters Mess, Helmeih; print
    p6-4. Wogs at working building huts, Helmeih; print
    p6-5. Making mud bricks, Helmeih; print
    p6-6. Sisters Mess, Helmeih; print
    p7-1. Mud brick laying; print
    p7-2. Moving tents with Cameron & Harper, 1942; print
    p7-3. Packing up at Helmeih. Sisters Mess; print
    p7-4. Helmeih; print
    p7-5. Back entrance, Dickson; print
    p7-6. Watering the Gum trees; print
    P7-7. Gun "Tombstone"; print
    p8-1. Greece & Crete patients Hut 4, Helmeih, 1941; print
    p8-2. Tent in Helmeih; print
    p8-3. Helmeih sunshine; print
    p8-4. Patients Recreation Room, Helmeih; print
    p8-5. Tents, Helmeih; print
    p8-6. Hut 3 Xmas 1941; print
    p9-1. Greece & Crete patients & original staff still at Helmeih, Nov'41; print
    p9-2. Hut 4 ready to go on leave; print
    p9-3. Hut 4 Crete Boys; print
    p9-4. Outside Hut 3; print
    p9-5. Outside Hut 3; print
    p10-1. Helmeih Patients, 1941-42; print
    p10-2. Helmeih Patients, 1941-42; print
    p10-3. Helmeih Patients, 1941-42; print
    p10-4. Helmeih Patients, 1941-42; print
    p10-5. Peter (cousin); print
    p10-6. [Patient with crutches]; print
    p10-7. Jeffries (shot through chest); print
    p10-8. Andrew & me (cousin); print
    p11-1. Orderly Tent 17; print
    p11-2. Theatre Staff; print
    p11-3. Respirator Drill; print
    p11-4. Brig. McCormick & Col. Gower, 1941; print
    p11-5. Clarrie machining; print
    p11-6. Peg & Tigger; print
    p12-1. Cairo Military Band at Helmeih, Xmas 1941; print
    p12-2. N.Z. Pipe band at Helmeih, 1942; print
    p12-3. Hut 4, 1941; print
    p12-4. Morning tea in Hut 2, Helmeih; print
    p12-5. N.Z. Pipe Band at Helmeih; print
    p12-6. Self & Daphne (S.A.M.N.S) being coy over a bunch of red roses, 1941; print
    p13-1. Tigger outside our tent; print
    p13-2. Port Said, 1941; print
    p14-1. My corner [inside tent, Helmeih]; print
    p14-2. Tigger & Aussie; print
    p14-3. Peg's corner of tent at Helmeih; print
    p14-4. My corner [inside tent, Helmeih]; print
    p14-5. My corner [inside tent, Helmeih]; print
    p14-6. Classies corner; print
    p15-1. A breakdown in the Ration Truck; print
    p15-2. Demonstration on how to deal with incendiary bombs; print
    p15-3. Watching parade; print
    p15-4. Sisters Mess, Helmeih; print
    p15-5. Christmas 1941; print
    p15-6. Parade early 1942; print
    p16-1. Miss Nutsey?, Miss Chisholm & Col Gower at Helmeih; print
    p16-2. Harry Burton? & Myra Bassett's wedding, Helmeih; print
    p16-3. Harry Burton? & Myra Bassett's wedding, Helmeih; print
    p16-4. Mille ? & Harry; print
    p16-5. Jack & Hean, Cairo; print
    p16-6. Wally; print
    p17-1. Hazel Young S.A.M.N.S & Edward Robinson R.A.F.M.C 1943; print
    p17-2. Brown Church, Helmeih; print
    p17-3. Scott, Waldie & Col. Gowen; print
    p17-4. Scottie in chapel at Beirut, 1943; print
    p18-1. Journey's End, Beirut, 1943; print
    p18-2. Packing at Kantana, 1943; print
    p18-3. On the road to Beirut a break at Palestine, Syrian border, 1942; print
    p18-4. Farewell at Kantana, 1943; print
    p18-5. 3.N.Z.G.H. Sisters Mess, Cantana; print
    p18-6. On the road to Beirut a break at Palestine, Syrian border, 1942; print
    p18-7. Journey's End, Beirut; print
    p19-1. On the 'Ala' 1943; print
    p19-2. Wilke, 1941; print
    p19-3. Tom MacDonald, 1943; print
    p19-4. Pip & Maisie; print
    p19-5. Maisie, Micky & George, 1944; print
    p19-6. Jean & Alan, 1944; print
    p19-7. Wendy & Gordon; print
    p20-1. Tripoli block and basket-ball court; print
    p20-2. Sisters Mess, Bari; print
    p20-3. Wendy & Gordon, Bari, 1944; print
    p20-4. Beirut Block 3N.Z.G.H Entrance, Bari, 1943-45; print
    p20-5. Sheila, Self, Ken & Wally, Bari; print
    p20-6. Bari; print
    p21-1. Polyclinic Compound, Bari, 1943-45; print
    Inside back cover. 3N.Z.G.H. Xmas 41 [group portrait]; print
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    11 May 2023
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