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Ranfurly War Veterans Home album

documentary heritage
  • Description

    Photographs of WWI and WWII compiled by the Ranfurly War Veterans Home.

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    71598 (Presto content ID)

    PH-ALB-568 (Reference Number)

    ACQ-2014-43 (Acquisition number)

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Images and documents




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  • Name/Title
    Ranfurly War Veterans Home album
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  • Physical Description

    320 mm. x 280 mm. x 30 mm.

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  • Content
    1. Capt. G.R. Hutchison. (Later Major) Last day in Egypt. Moascar Supply Depot.
    2. Senior Supply Officer. Major Avery D.S.O. Centre front row, with N.Z. Div. Supply Officers.
    3. Football Team. Moascar Supply Depot Egypt.
    4. Loading Camel Transport at Moascar.
    5. No. 2. Coy. A.S.C. Supply Section. Leaving Moascar Station enroute France.
    6. Winning Football Team Moascar Supply Depot.
    7. Wogs laying railway lines.
    8. Supplies being delivered by donkey.
    9. Troop Ship enroute Peninsula.
    10. Anzac Bay looking South.
    11. Troops and Stores being landed at Anzac Bay.
    12. Turkish Prisoners.
    13. Anzac Bay looking towards Suvla from No.2 Outpost.
    14. War Ship and Transports at Gallipoli.
    15. Cheshire Ridge. Canterbury Infantry.
    16. Cheshire Ridge. Wellington Infantry.
    17. Engineers Dugouts(Snow) Chailak Dere.
    18. Haz Velley[Valley]. 4th. Australian Inf. Bde.
    19. Turkish Prisoners outside their dugouts.
    20. Chailak Dere (looking up) N.Z. Inf. Bde. Head Quarters.
    21. Watching Sports on Deck, Troopship enroute Alexander to France.
    22. Tug of War. Troopship Alex. to France.
    23. "Teddy Bear". Capt. G.R. Hutchisons horse. Ridden at the Somme 1916. Belgium and Germany 1918-19. Photo taken at Cologne 1919.
    24. Egypt. December 12th. 1915.
    25. A.S.C. Cookhouse and Ovens.
    26. A.S.C. Bivouac.
    27. A.S.C. Supply Waggons[Wagons].
    28. Camp. Whereabouts unknown.
    29. Group of Officers (unknown).
    The following series of photographs were taken from, and on board the Hospital Ship T.S.S."Maheno" in 1915, by M.N. Lane. Ships Wireless Operator.
    1. Ships Officer taking sights of Sun.
    2. Group of Ships Officers.
    3. Officers plotting the Ships Course.
    4. The Ships Bridge protected by sandbags.
    5. The Ships Laundry and Staff.
    6. Saloon Deck Seaman.
    7. The Ships Signal Rating.
    8. Barges loading Stretcher and walking wounded.
    9. Man-O-War Launch transferring sick Seaman.
    10. Wounded being transported Ashore by Barge at Malta.
    11. Italian Hospital Ship at Malta.
    12. British Hospital Ship "Karapara" at Malta.
    13. French Gun Boat used as a Hospital Ship in Alexander Harbour.
    14. Transports depart from Alexander.
    15. Ambulance await wounded on the Wharf at Alexander.
    16. Loading wounded into Ambulances at Alexander.
    17. Stretches [Stretchers] cases being transferred to Hospital Train at Alexander.
    18. Transport "Ajax", damaged by U Boat and escorted to Alexander by two French Destroyers.
    19. Nile Barges entering Port Said from Suez Canal.
    20. Nile Barges passing the "Maheno" in Suez Canal.
    21. Native Traders at Port Said.
    22. Brab Bey diving for Pennies.
    23. Loading Coal at Alexander.
    24. Armed Merchantman "Tuka" at Port Said.
    25. Arab fishing boats at Suez.
    26. Collier discharging coal into Arab Dhows.
    27. Indian Ambulance Men embarking wounded for New Zealand.
    28. A make shift Xmas Tree on board "Maheno" December 1915.
    29. Stretcher and walking cases Convalescent on "Maheno's" Main Deck.
    30. Convalescents go for outing while "Maheno["] in Coaling.
    31. Some of the Mahenos Sisters and Nurses.
    32. N.Z. Nurses saved from S.S. "Marquett[e]" taken on board "Maheno" at Alexander November 1915.
    33-34. Wellingtons gift Red Cross Launch taken at Malta, and again at Alex.
    35. Greek Sailing Ship taken from the "Maheno".
    36. Egyptian Royal Yacht at Alex.
    37. Convalescents on the Prom. Deck "Maheno".
    38. N.Z. Field Bakery. Rouen.
  • Public Access Text

    First page: "Ranfurly" War Veterans Home

    The photos in this album relate to Anzac and the New Zealand hospital ship T.S.S. "Maheno" 1915, and have been prepared and mounted in order to preserve this vital part of New Zealand's war history, and to commerate [commemorate] those who did not return to our shores. Photos of Anzac and the "Maheno" are numbered, and reference can be made to the legand [legend] in front of this album.

    This album also contains photos and clippings of the Middle East, Cairo, Suez Canal etc. During the period 1939-1943.

    Please handle this record with care, and it is not to be removed from the library at any time.

    Your cooperation will be appreciated, thank you.

    [Keywords: World War I, World War II, Gallipoli]

  • Copyright
    Collection contains multiple items - rights applied at item level
  • Credit Line
    Donated by the Ranfurly Veterans' Home & Hospital Trust, per Dr Barbara M.S. Smith, on 5 April 2013.
  • Last Update
    17 Jan 2023
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