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J. B. Davis album 1

documentary heritage
  • Description

    Album featuring Gallipoli, Suez and time in Egypt.

    Inside cover, "K[?]. Davis 1915"

    Portraits of Lady Sybil Cutting and her daughter in their home near Florence.

  • Other Id

    71287 (Presto content ID)

    PH-ALB-562-1 (Reference Number)

    ACQ-2014-6 (Acquisition number)

  • Department

Images and documents




  • Object Type
  • Name/Title
    J. B. Davis album 1
  • Primary Maker
  • Date
  • Physical Description

    313 mm. x 240 mm. x 25 mm.

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  • Content
    p1-1. NZMR in Cairo, print
    p3-1. Ceylon Infantry attached to … NZ …, print
    p10-1. Lieut. A.G.A. Davis (Oxford) England and his men practising trench-digging, print
    p11-1. The Aust. Infantry, print
    p12-3. Infantry regiment, print
    p12-4. River picnic, print
    p13-1. N.Z. Infantry, print
    p13-3. Firing at rifle range, print
    p13-4. Officers of 6th Regiment, Sommerville, Hastings, Majo, Taylor, Jack & Major Dick, print
    p13-5. N.Z.M.R. in Cairo, print
    p13-6. A squad of 6th Wgtn Mtds trench-digging, print
    p13-7. Part of Jack’s troop after capturing a sand hill at manoeuvres, print
    p14-5. Jack’s orderly, groom …, print
    p14-6. Native funeral, print
    p14-7. A water carrier, print
    p14-8. Native funeral, print
    p15-1. Cocky [horse], print
    p15-3. Guy [horse], print
    p15-6. Lieut. Watt and a girl in Romanian costume, print
    p16-1. River picnic party, print
    p16-2. River picnic party, print
    p16-3. River picnic party, print
    p16-4. River picnic party, print
    p16-8. Mess tent, print
    p16-9. Mess tent, print
    p17-1. Guy and Cocky [horses], print
    p17-2. Taylor, Major Dick, Jack, Mayo and interpreter, print
    p17-3. Officers of 2nd Squadron “A” Taranaki’s, print
    p17-4. Heliopolis buildings, print
    p17-5. Hippopotamus, print
    p17-6. Jack, Palmer, Janson, Capt. Wilkie (Q.M), Major Elmslie, Colonel Meldrum, Major Whyte, print
    p18-1. (Lieut. Watt) and Jack’s groom on Cocky and leading the mule, print
    p18-2. (Lieut. Watt) (Jack’s groom), Cocky and mare, print
    p18-3. Native women near the railway station, print
    p18-4. Officers of the 6th regiment, print
    p18-6. Alan Smith 6th Wgtn Mtd, print
    p18-7. Jack’s horse coming through Zeitoun village, print
    p18-8. Jack’s horse in a Zeitoun village, print
    p18-9. Lieut. Colonel A.B.C. Charters at the zoo, print
    p18-10. At the well, print
    p18-11. The well, print
    p19-1. On way to visit tombs, print
    p19-3. Heliopolis Catholic church, print
    p19-4. Returning from the tombs (Jack, another, & Bruce Joll), print
    p20-1. Irrigation canal, print
    p21-1. A well with cow turning a pumping wheel. Capt. W. Hardham V.C. next to the cow, print
    p21-2. Jumbo at Zoo, print
    p21-4. Ostrich at Zoo, print
    p21-5. Zoological gardens, print
    p22-1. Eng.. …, Col Russel, Major Levin, Jack, print
    p22-2. Headquarters Wellington Regiment, print
    p22-5. Interested village spectators, print
    p23-2. Ragged but cheerful, print
    p23-3. Outside the prison at Barrage, print
    p23-4. New Zealander’ graves at South Africa (South African War), print
    p23-5. A few of the C.Y.C., print
    p24-1. Outside the prison, print
    p24-2. Major Overton at … dept: Gardens, print
    p24-3. Major Overton of the CYC, print
    p25-1. Cocky and guy [horses], print
    p25-2. Captured pontoons at Port Said, print
    p25-6. Guy and Cocky [horses], print
    p26-2. General Biscoe of English Cavalry Brigade, print
    p26-4. Native police outside civie prison, print
    p26-6. Miss Hawbridge and Lieut. Logan, print
    p26-7. Indian Sentry at Ismailia, print
    p26-8. Turkish pontoon captured, print
    p27-4. Turkish pontoons captured, print
    p27-5. Col. Johnstone’s little daughter, print
    p27-6. Turkish pontoons captured, print
    p27-7. Lieut. Stewart & Dobson of ChCh, print
    p27-9. French warship at Port Said, print
    p28-2. Water carrier, print
    p28-3. Polo [Donkey] Auckland vs. Wellington, print
    p28-4. N.Z. Cavalry, print
    p29-1. Luxor and the Nile, print
    p29-2. Luxor and the Nile, print
    p29-4. Gorton & Jack, print
    p29-5. Avenue of Sphinx (Luxor), print
    p29-6. Gorton and Hurst, print
    p30-1. Ruined temple (Luxor), print
    p30-2. Ruined temple (Luxor), print
    p30-3. Part of wall in Luxor temple, print
    p31-1. Capt. W. Hardham and men at Luxor Temple, print
    p31-4. Headquarters cook and emergency ration [man with goat on back], print
    p31-6. Natives at Luxor, print
    p32-2. Donkey boys, print
    p32-3. N.Z.M.R. (Alan Smith)
    p32-4. Caravan, print
    p33-1. Swimming horses across the Nile and tied to an endless rope, print
    p33-2. Swimming horses across the Nile and tied to an endless rope, print
    p33-3. Capt. W. Hardham (V.C) and men at Luxor Temple, print
    p33-4. Sgt. Sampson & admin…, print
    p34-1. Crossing a canal, print
    p34-2. Crossing a loch, print
    p34-3. Crossing a loch, print
    p34-4. Swimming horses across the Nile tied to an endless rope, print
    p34-5. Swimming horses across the Nile tied to an endless rope, print
    p34-1 to 5. Animals at a Government Farm, prints
    p38-1. N.Z.M.R. on trek along bank of canal, print
    p38-2. N.Z.M.R. on parade, print
    p38-3. Indian Sentry at Ismailia & on canal, print
    p38-4. N.Z.M.R. on parade, print
    p38-5. N.Z.M.R. on parade, print
    p39-1. Jack, Capt. Whitehorn, Monsieur Le Grande, Major Overton & Grant, Col. Mackesey, print
    p39-2. Major Overton, Jack & Capt. Whitehorn at Luxor Hotel, print
    p39-3. Monsieur Le Grande, Major Overton, Major Grant, Col Mackesey, Jack, print
    p40-1. N.Z.M.R. in Cairo, print
    p40-3. At Cairo Railway Station, print
    p40-4. Malta woman, print
    p41-2. 15 yds from Turks, print
    p41-3. Dug-out in trench, print
    p41-5. Support trench, print
    p41-9. Turkish trenches against skyline, print
    p42-1. At Malta, print
    p42-2. Indian at Malta, print
    p42-3. A Malta street, print
    p42-4. Gate of hospital Malta, print
    p43-6. Australian nurse, print
    p43-7. Jack and nurses, print
    p43-8. Australian “sister”, print
    p43-9. Mauretania, print
    p43-11. Turkish prisoners, print
    p44-1. At Malta, print
    p44-2. Malta, print
    p44-6. Shrapnel Gully, print
    p44-8. ANZAC Cove, print
    p44-9. Walkers Ridge, print
    p45-2. Wounded Turkish prisoners, print
    p45-3. 20yd from Turks Teddy Hulberton centre, print
    p45-5. Rest camp, print
    p45-6. In trench, print
    p46-4. Fire trench. Turks 30 yds away, print
    p46-5. Using periscope rifle, print
    p47-1. Outside dugout, print
    p47-2. In reserve, print
    p49-2. Elma Begg [taken when on convalescence trip in Italy], print
    p49-3. Wallace an Australian and Elma Begg [taken when on convalescence trip in Italy], print
    p49-4. Strickland and Ausralian and two Italian children [taken when on convalescence trip in Italy], print
    p49-5. In Lady Sybil Cutting’s garden taken with the daughter [taken when on convalescence trip in Italy], print
    p49-6. Elma Begg an English girl who has never been in England [taken when on convalescence trip in Italy], print
    p49-7. Group at Vallombrosa [taken when on convalescence trip in Italy], print
    p49-8. Group at Vallombrosa [taken when on convalescence trip in Italy], print
    p49-9. Christine Mishalles? a Swiss girl who brought a silver pencil from a gipsy and gave to Jack, print
    p50-1. Taken in Lady Sybil’s garden at Florence, print
    p50-2. Lady Sybil [and group], print
    p51-1. Bobbing apples an Italian countess, print
    p51-2. Seeing Jack away from Vallombrosa, print
    p51-3. Jacks servant at Mr Strongs, print
    p51-4. Pension of Villa .atti, print
    p51-5. In Lady Sybil Cutting’s garden at Florence, print
    p51-6. Harry Lowe, Mr Lowe, Violet & Bebe, two little Italian boys, Christine a swiss girl, Captain Min… and Lieut. Bavari, print
    p51-7. Italian officer at S…, print
    p51-8. Sports at Vallombrosa girls sack race, print
    p51-9. Group at Vallombrosa, print
    p52-1. “You dirty boy” at Naples, print
    p52-2. At Vallombrosa, print
    p52-4. Capt. Minigall (Australian) Lieut. Bavari Italian, print
    p52-5. Lady Sybil Cutting’s daughter, print
    p52-6. Group at Vallombrosa, print
    p52-7. Taken on arrival in Florence, print
    p52-8. Italian countess, Jack, Bebe, Mrs Lowe, print
    p52-9. Bridge over the Ano, print
    p53-2. Strickland, Williams and Jack with Italian farmers family, print
    p53-3. Italian Countess, print
    p53-4. Countess, Bebe Lowe, print
    p53-6. Williams and Jack motoring, print
    p54-3. In the trenches, print
    p54-5. In the trenches, print
    p54-7. In the trenches, print
    p55-2. Shelters, print
    p55-3. Men’s dugout, print
    p55-5. Outside dugout, Holles, Jago, Lt Price?, print
    p55-6. Gully near of trenches, print
    p55-7. Calling the roll on … the shirt, print
    p55-8. Last gully in near of the trenches held by 2nd squadron, print
    p56-1. Eilleen [horse], print
    p56-5. Gazelle hunting, print
    p56-6. Sammy, print
    p56-7. 2nd Sqd subs, print
    p56-8. 2nd Sqd, print
    p56-10. 2nd Sqd, print
    p56-12. Suez canal, print
    p59-1. Fawcett and Holis, print
    p59-2. Sgts: Fawcett and Hollis
    p59-3. Suffolk Yeomany Sniper, print
    p59-4. Sgt: M Japo, Jack, Lts: Allison and Pierce, print
    p59-5. The road was made and drained by Jacko men in three days, print
    p59-8. Back in Egypt, print
    p59-9.Lt. Bond, Jack, Lt. Allison, print
    p59-11. Anzac cove, print
    p59-13. Australians, print
    p60-1. Outside dugout, print
    p60-3. In trenches, print
    p60-5. Preparing terraces, print
    p60-6. Preparing terraces for shelter tunnels, print
    p60-7. Outside dugout, print
    p60-8. Preparing terraces for shelter tunnels, print
    p60-9. Mens’ cook-house, print
    p60-10. Welsh H.. Machine gunners, print
    p60-11. Welsh H.. Machine gunners, print
    p60-12. Welsh H.. Machine gunners, print
    p61-1. Sinking of the ‘Bluecher’, 24th Jan 1915, print
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    Only photographs with legible captions listed in contents.

  • Associated Notes

  • Subject Notes
    John Burnet Davis served in the South African War, World War I and World War II. Serial numbers: ##9835 ##11/35
    Davis’ story is told in the book, “Kiwi Trooper” on page 122 detailing events such as the push to take Chunuk Bair and how the position was to be held to the last man! The story around departure from Gallipoli is particularly strong, with Colonel J. B. Davis describing how they left rifles with the sights knocked off, wedged in position with slowly filling water tied to triggers so they would keep firing as his group (the last) departed and fled down Walker’s Ridge (page 134).
    Lady Sybil Cutting (1879-1943)
  • Copyright
    Collection contains multiple items - rights applied at item level
  • Credit Line
    Donated by Melanie Scott 6/5/2014.
  • Last Update
    11 May 2023

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