Scientific Report


Peter was discovered on the Whitney Ranch, Parcel ID 41632530000400 Niobrara County, Wyoming, USA on lands located at Latitude: N43.491887 Longitude: W104.388513 (Fig. 4, Page 6 in th report)). This exceptional specimen was discovered by Dick Wills, who excavated an area of 1,800 square feet. As is often the case, the size of a Tyrannosaurus rex discovery site is very large, and Mr. Wills’ approach was to methodically, over many arduous years, thoroughly dig the area until he stopped at a distance of 40 feet past the last bone discovered.

Mr. Wills used a corral dig strategy. This process is often used in a multiple bone site that is in a relatively flat area; from the first bone you face North. Then you move 3 feet West and dig North again until you again find bone. Then you move another 3 feet West and dig North to bone. If no bone is found, you continue to dig North in a line for at least 12 feet. This defines the West side of your site. You return to the corner of the first bone and move 3 feet East and dig North to bone. You continue in this fashion until you have the cluster surrounded. When you know the overall dimensions of the site you can develop a detailed site excavation plan.

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