Peter the T. rex Scientific Report


There is an apparent subchondral erosion on the articular surfaces on the proximal portion of the ischium and the distal, lateral condyle of the femur (the medial condyle is missing). The erosive area of the femur may be due to trauma, but the condition of the ischium may be due to some other widely diverse phenomena (Rothschild and Martin, 1993). Radiographic investigation is needed to successfully diagnose both bones more precisely.

There are also two lesions on the anterior blade of the acsending process of the astragalus (Fig. 24). Both lesions may be idiopathic especially since there seems to be reactive bone surrounding the lesion that penetrates the bone. However, although Bell and Currie (2009) suggest that some lesions could be from attacks that led to death, closer examination using radiology may elucidate if the lesions on the astragalus are due to trauma.

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