Peter the T. rex Scientific Report


Dr. David A. Burnham, University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute and Natural History Museum

Dr. David Burnham first encountered a Tyrannosaurus rex while working as the Curator of Reptiles for Black Hills Institute of Geological Research in 1991. This was with “Sue” T. rex, that was understudy before it was carted away by FBI agents in a raid resulting from a legal dispute. 

Dr. John R. Nudds, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester

Dr. John Nudds spent more than 30 years as palaeontologist at The University of Manchester, both as Keeper of Geology in the museum and Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Science. He is committed to bridging the gap between private fossil collectors and academia and in 2016 was one of the team that described the new Welsh dinosaur, “Dracoraptor”.

Dr. Bruce M. Rothschild, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Bruce M. Rothschild graduated from New Jersey College of Medicine. He is a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Fellow of the American College of Physicians, American College of Rheumatology and Society of Skeletal Radiology and elected to the International Skeletal Society. He has been recognized for his work in Clinical Rheumatology and Skeletal Pathology where his special interests focus on diagnosis, clinical-anatomic-radiologic correlation, data-based paleopathology, evolution of inflammatory arthritis and tuberculosis and origins of disease.

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