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Design Guidelines

For Digital Product Suite and One-Off Digital Experiences

Digital Product Suite

The Digital Product Suite is a group of digital products built within the Kentico content management system. Building products with a CMS provides flexibility and enables reuse of digital products in multiple different contexts. This allows us to provide visitors with more interpretation and information in-gallery, without needing to build a new digital framework for the content each time.

Design needs to remain complementary and consistent across all products in the suite to create ease of use and experience for visitors, and to allow for future integration.

Digital Products

Mass Display Digital Labels - An intuitive and visually engaging digital interactive that provides labels and additional context to multiple objects on display.

Touchscreen interfaces located in front of mass display cabinets allow users to learn more about the objects on display and inspect them more closely. The objects are laid out on the menu screen in a similar arrangement to their placement in the cabinet so that users can easily find and tap on an object. Tapping an object on the menu screen opens a new page displaying a FOL (functional object label), an EOL (extended object label) and high quality images of the object that users can swipe through and zoom in to view in detail. The purpose of these labels is to enable visitors to have deeper engagement with individual collection items on display, provide more interpretation than can fit on a printed label and increase language options and accessibility. 

Image Gallery - An intuitive and visually engaging digital interactive that provides additional context and deeper exploration of images

Allows users to view and navigate through images, view collection information and zoom in to view the images in detail. The image gallery is particularly suited to displaying documentary heritage collection objects such as photographs, documents and sketches. In some instances, the collection items will not be on display so the image gallery will extend the collection offering of a gallery. Users can select an image from a grid menu homepage screen to view more details and either swipe or tap to explore the next image or return to the homepage to view all.

Video Gallery - An intuitive digital interactive enabling users to watch and navigate a series of short videos in landscape or portrait format.

The user is first presented with a looping video attractor screen and prompt to explore further. Once activated, content videos are displayed in a grid and can be tapped on to expand and play. Playback is controlled by tapping on the screen to display functions and information: time code, pause, play and volume. Once playback is complete, the interactive returns to the menu grid. There is an automatic time-out back to the attractor state after 60 seconds of inactivity have passed.

Audio Guides

Provides extended interpretation through short audio clips focusing on single objects, groups of objects, spaces and stories. AM audio guides are operated through the MyTours platform and updated through the MyTours CMS. They are accessed on the user’s own device, via a link on the AM website or by scanning a QR code. The user is not required to download an app to use an audio guide as they are hosted on MyTours’ web app platform. The guides follow a linear order but visitors can also choose their own path by selecting specific stop numbers.

One-Off Digital Experiences