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Icons and Buttons

Below are the buttons and icons used in the AM Digital Product Suite. One-off experiences should use the same assets and only deviate if it’s necessary for the specific experience. 

Source files for SVG icons can be accessed on Github. The source files specify colour use for each icon as well as use of opacity for faded out/in active states

Button and Icon examples

Image Description
forward-arrow.png Forward arrow active (grey when options exhausted)
backarrow-(2).png Back arrow active (grey when options exhausted)


Pagination (part of JS library)
Key actions  
zoomin-(1).png Active zoom in (grey when maximum zoom reached)
zoomout-(1).png Inactive zoom in and zoom out
homeicon-(1).png Home symbol
homebutton-(1).png Home button
language-selector.PNG Language selection (Left-inactive, right-active)
sidescroll.png Horizontal scroll bar (Learning base mass display)
lightbox-(1).png Magnifier to open lightbox
play.png Play
pause.png Pause
volumedown.png Volume adjustment (minimum)
volumemedium-(1).png Volume (medium)
volumefull-(1).png Volume (high)