Humans have long abandoned planet Earth after mass-consumption led to an exhaustion of all its natural resources. The world is slowly recovering and showing signs of new life. A series of discarded objects are blossoming with LEGO® civilisations; each one inspired by the relic they now call home.

WED 29 MAY – SUN 13 OCT 2024
ADULT $21, CHILD (5-15) $11


RELICS: A New World Rises is an immersive new exhibition by Australian LEGO® Masters Jackson Harvey and Alex Towler that explores an imagined future where LEGO® minifigure civilisations have evolved, and now thrive, in discarded vintage treasures.  

Set in a time long after humanity’s reign, RELICS: A New World Rises tells the story of a world where LEGO® minifigures have risen from the debris of our civilisation to build their own intricate worlds in forgotten artefacts, each one inspired by the object they now call home. 

RELICS: A New World Rises invites audiences young and old alike on a journey of discovery, where stories of humanity are built through objects of play and nostalgia. Combining forgotten human objects with intricate LEGO® creations, RELICS prompts an examination of our world through storytelling and play. 


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