Open daily from 10am - 5pm, from Monday 25 May. 


This page provides information about the precautions we're taking to ensure you can visit the Museum safely, and lets you know how to use our contact tracing tool. It will also let you know what's open, so you can get the most out of your visit.

Before you enter the Museum

Contact Tracing

Before you enter the Museum

When you arrive at the Museum, you'll need to register your visit via NextUp, the contact tracing platform we are using. Please bring your mobile device, and make sure it's got plenty of battery power ahead of your visit, as you'll need it on both entry and exit. When you've arrived at the Museum, follow the instructions on the signage letting you know how to register. 

NextUp creates a virtual queue, and you'll be notified by text when it's your turn to enter the Museum. We have plenty of staff on site to help with queue management and making sure you know where to go and what to do. Please be patient as we process you and other visitors safely into the Museum. 

If you don't have a mobile device, please make your way to the front entrance and our friendly Visitor Hosts will be able to register you on their devices. 

If you'd like to know all the ins and outs of the contact tracing process we're using, head to this page

Inside the Museum

Things to know

Inside the Museum

Once you've registered and successfully entered the Museum, we ask that you remain aware of social distancing guidelines and keep two metres apart from other visitors and staff as you move about. 

Please follow the one way system that is in place to guide a safe path around the parts of the Museum that are open. 

You'll be able to explore most of our galleries at your leisure, although as a precaution we have closed the Volcanoes gallery and Weird & Wonderful, given these are interactive and involve touching.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is on show

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is on show

We've extended the acclaimed Wildlife Photograher of the Year exhibition, to allow everyone a chance to take in these stunning images. Direct from the Natural History Museum in London, the exhibition showcases the 100 winning images of the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Our café is open

Our café is open

1929 Espresso Bar is open, serving an array of tasty treats and delicious beverages, to dine in or take away. We're only accepting EFTPOS, credit card and contactless payment (Paywave) and won’t be accepting cash at this time. Tables are spaced out to ensure appropriate distancing.

The Museum Store is open

The Museum Store is open

Our Museum Store is open, and stocked with a choice selection of childrens toys, books, gifts, locally made jewellery and crafts. Up to 6 customers can browse the Store at a time, and we ask to only touch items you wish to purchase, to limit contact. We're accepting EFTPOS, credit card and contactless payment (Paywave) only, no cash at this time.

After the longest closure in our history, we’re delighted to reopen the doors to Auckland Museum. Our visitor host staff are looking forward to welcoming visitors back and will be available to help navigate the necessary changes in the Museum experience.

Dr David Gaimster, Chief Executive

Frequently Asked Questions


Planning your visit

+What hours is the Museum open?

We're open from 10am - 5pm daily, from Monday 25 May.

+What should I bring?

  1. A fully charged mobile phone or portable device if you have one. This will allow you to register online for the virtual queue into the Museum and save you time on the day.
  2. Just a small bag. There are no coat or bag check or lockers available. Bags must be no larger than 40cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 35cm (H).
  3. A light coat. There is no coat check or lockers.
  4. A full water bottle if you require a drink. Our water fountains will not be operating.
  5. An EFTPOS or credit/debit card with Paywave if you intend to make a purchase at 1929 Espresso Bar or in the Museum Store, as we are not be accepting cash.
  6. No food please as our Kai Room is not open.

+Do you have WiFi?

Yes we have free WiFi. Select the “Museum - Public" Wifi network. Please note there is no WiFi or mobile phone coverage in the underground carpark.

+Is everything be open?

Sadly not. Some of our exhibits that are housed in more confined spaces, or are interactive (and involve touching) are closed for the timebeing.  They are Volcanoes and Weird & Wonderful, plus some interactive displays across the Museum. Our Holocaust and Colours galleries, bunker areas and trenches have limited entry.

+ Can I bring children?

Of course! Please note that some parts of the Museum that kids love, such as Weird and Wonderful and the Volcanoes gallery are closed at Level 2, as these are high touch areas. They may love to check out the dinosaurs and animals instead.

+Can we bring our own food?

Our Kai Room isn't open, so there isn't an area for you to eat your own food at this time.

+Can I bring a backpack?

As we are supporting a contactless experience our bag check and lockers aren't available at this time. We can’t have large bags in the galleries so please bring bags no larger than 40cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 35cm (H).

+Are there be lockers for my use?

As we are supporting a contactless experience our bag check and lockers aren't available at this time. We can’t have large bags in the galleries so please bring bags no larger than 40cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 35cm (H). Coats and umbrellas must be carried.

+Is drinking water available?

For your safety, our drinking water fountains are closed. Please bring your own water bottle but please note the Grand Foyer is the only area where food and drink can be consumed.


When you arrive

+Is the car park open?

Yes, our paid car park is available and there is some additional parking in the roads around the Museum. Note there is no internal access from the carpark to the Museum due to building works. Exit the carpark on the same level you drive into, and follow marked signage to the Northern end of the building to enter via the Grand Foyer. Please note there is no mobile reception in our carpark.

+Is entry free?

Yes, general admission is free to all visitors during Level 2. There are currently no paid exhibitions.

+Will we need to queue?

It is possible that there will be a queue when you arrive. We will be controlling the entry into the Museum by asking visitors to register online and join a virtual queue (see Health and Safety procedures below). If you have difficulty standing and waiting, please plan your visit for a week day or afternoon, as these tend to be quieter times.

+Are tour groups or school groups able to visit?

We will only take groups of any type if they have 10 people max as a group. We will not be having any Museum lead groups at this time. Groups can not pre book, they need to register individually on arrival.

+Will we be able to see the Māori Cultural Performance?

Unfortunately our Māori Cultural Performance is not taking place at this time.

+Will the Highlights Guided Tours be operating?

Sadly no tours are operating at this time.

+ Is the Museum wheelchair accessible at this time?

Wheelchair access into the Museum is possible via the ramps, and within the building there are ramps and lifts to ensure all visitors can get around easily. Wheelchairs are available to Visitors and they are sanitised after every use.

+Can I give a donation and where can I do this?

Yes, donations are always very much appreciated. You can donate online or onsite through one of our digital donation boxes.


Covid-19 Health and Safety procedures

+Will I need to wear gloves and/or a mask?

We do not require you to wear either a mask or gloves but you can if you feel more comfortable doing so. Please note that you will not be able to dispose of any of your  PPE (personal protective equipment) in the rubbish bins at the Museum, you will need to take them home with you.

+Is there hand sanitiser on site?

Yes, there are frequent hygiene stations positioned around the Museum.

+Are you managing physical distancing?

Yes, family groups are able to explore the Museum together, but non-connected groups need to keep 2 metres apart. We have signage up and our Visitor Hosts are there to remind visitors. Where there is a limited capacity in a particular gallery, our Visitor Hosts will manage the flow in and out.

+Will the Museum have less visitors than usual?

We are complying with Covid19 guidelines and limiting visitors as appropriate. Entry into the Museum is via a controlled queue so we can manage this.

+Will you be taking visitors temperatures?

No, we will not.

+Will you be asking about visitors' health?

Yes, when our visitors register their visit via our contact tracing tool, they will be asked to verify they have no Covid19 symptoms.

+Does the Museum have any additional cleaning procedures?

Yes, as well as our regular cleaning of all visitor facilities we are doing daily after-hours deep cleaning, and continuous cleaning of our high touch surfaces such as handrails and lift buttons.

+Can I visit the Museum if I don’t have my own mobile phone?

Yes, but you will still need to register so that we can collect your details. Our Visitor Hosts will be able to help you.

+Do children need to register?

All individuals need to register for our contact tracing records, but parents can do it on behalf of their children. This information helps us to know who is at the Museum and how many visitors we have on site at any one time.

+Why isn’t the Museum using the Government's contract tracing app?

The Government requires us to use our own contact tracing system to record visitors to Auckland Museum and this is separate to the Government’s app. We're using NextUp, which allows us to manage contact tracing as well queuing and capacity management to ensure the safety of our visitors. We're providing visitors with access to the Government's app once they are inside the Museum, should they wish to use it.


Personal Information

+What is the data you collect when I register used for?

We collect personal information so that we can count and identify visitors to the Museum, as well as controlling the visitor entry numbers. For example, we need your mobile phone number to text you when you can enter the Museum. We may also need to provide data in relation to your location (or intended location) to government bodies to help trace the spread of infectious disease if that is required by law. The only entity who will be able to access personal information other than stated, is the Ministry of Health for the purpose of Tracking & Tracing. You have the right to request access to your own information and this can be done directly with NextUp. You can access the full Next Up Privacy Policy here.

+How long is the data kept for after I’ve visited?

Your data will be kept for 8 weeks which is in accordance with the Government guidelines.