Read on if you'd like to know more detail on NextUp, the contact tracing platform we're using, and what you'll need to do when you arrive at Auckland Museum. 

Contact Tracing via NextUp

Contact Tracing via NextUp

Auckland Museum contact tracing is powered by NextUp. This simple system allows you to register your details, and join a virtual queue. We'll let you know when it's your turn to enter the Museum via either the Grand Foyer at the front of the building or the South Atrium entrance at the rear of the building. 

What you'll need to do

What you'll need to do

Firstly, these instructions apply only to those with a mobile device. If you don't have one, you're able to head to either entrance of the Museum and our friendly Visitor Hosts will be able to register your visit and add you to the queue. 

For those with a mobile device, it's as simple as choosing the option which suits you best. 

OPTION 1: Text AM to 540
(standard text rates apply). We’ll text you back a link to register.

OPTION 2: Visit
Please don't do this until you're onsite at the Museum.

Contact Tracing FAQs

+What is the data you collect when I register used for?

We collect personal information so that we can count and identify visitors to the Museum, as well as controlling the visitor entry numbers. For example, we need your mobile phone number to text you when you can enter the Museum. We may also need to provide data in relation to your location (or intended location) to government bodies to help trace the spread of infectious disease if that is required by law. The only entity who will be able to access personal information other than stated, is the Ministry of Health for the purpose of Tracking & Tracing. You have the right to request access to your own information and this can be done directly with NextUp. You can access the full Next Up Privacy Policy here.

+How long is the data kept for after I’ve visited?

Your data will be kept for 8 weeks which is in accordance with the Government guidelines.