SUN 8 SEP, 11.45AM - 1PM

In partnership with Going West Writers Festival, five writers were invited to explore the Museum’s documentary heritage collection. Through a process of discussion, exploration and discovery, each writer has used what they found (or did not find) in the collection as inspiration to create new works. This project is rooted in the impossible entanglements of identity, diaspora, decolonial desire and curatorial activism addressing the question, “whose memories, identities and experiences are reflected in the collections of colonial museums?”. Join Saraid de Silva Cameron, Louise Tu’u, To’asavili Tuputala, and Lucy Zee, chaired by Dina Jezdic.

Saraid de Silva Cameron

Saraid de Silva Cameron is an actor, journalist and theatre-maker. Her work critiques contemporary feminism and illuminates white supremacy. She makes video content for Re: News, and is currently working on a podcast called Conversations with my Immigrant Parents for Radio New Zealand.

To'asavili Tuputala

To'a is a samoan writer/poet and English teacher at Mangere College. Her work has been published in Ika Journal, performed spoken word in slams as well as plays like "Fonua" a theatre response to climate change, and "4 Tha Lumana'i" a collaboration between Samoan Oratory and Hip hop. To'a is a part of the "Black Friars" theatre production, who are currently working on the last instalment of Southside Rise called "The Revolution."

Louise Tu'u

Louise Tu'u writes, directs and produces work with her company, We Should Practice. With nearly two decades of live and screen performance, screen production work behind her, Louise focusses on diverse Pacific Island experiences in Niu Sila and beyond.

Lucille Zee

Lucy Zee is a video content creator based in Central Auckland. Over the past ten years, Lucy has worked as a freelance writer, videographer and creative producer. Lucy uses her technical skills and experience from her Chinese-New Zealand background to help provide a voice for marginalised communities and people who may otherwise be overlooked.

Biography Moderator

Dina Jezdic

Dina is the content developer of public programmes at Auckland Museum. Her work is framed by the values of intersectional thinking through creating networks and spaces to articulate the inequalities of gender, race and class aspects of the world we live in. She is currently pursuing an EdD doctorate: Serving Society: Creating Equity, Diversity and Justice.