He Taonga Māori Audio Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why would I pay to see the Highlights Tour if the audio guide is free?
The Highlights Tour is a personalized tour presented by knowledgeable locals and includes the opportunity to ask questions. The Highlights Tour includes objects and galleries of the wider museum, beyond Māori Court.

2) Why is the audio guide only available in English and Chinese-Mandarin? Why is the tour not available in Te Reo Māori?
This is a pilot tour. The Museum is looking into adding more languages in the future if the demand is high enough.

3) I did not bring any headphones, what do I do?
You can buy headphones for $8 at the Museum Shop.

4) Help! I’m having trouble getting the audio guide to work.
Please talk to one of our friendly visitor hosts, who can help you troubleshoot. You can also report problems to the visitor hosts.

5) The audio guide has a picture of an object, but I can't see that object on display!
Sometimes the audio guide uses images of objects similar to those on display, not the actual object on display. The images are intended as a guide to help you find the stop, and as an example of the objects being talked about. Sometimes, historical images are used.

6) Can I listen to the audio guide without headphones?
Technically, yes you can. But please keep the volume down and be mindful of other visitors who are enjoying the gallery.

7) Help, my headphones are broken/not working - can I have a refund?
Should your headphones break / malfunction, refunds are available at the Museum Store upon presentation of receipt.

8) Do I have to give you my email address?
Yes, we are offering this as a free trial on the condition that you provide your email address so we can send you a survey to get your feedback. Your email address will not be kept for any other purposes. You will not receive marketing emails.

9) I missed something in the audio, can I go back a few seconds?
Unfortunately, the app does not allow you to go back. You will have to restart the audio for that stop. It may be best to pause it if you would like more time to absorb things.

10) Why does the 30-minute tour skip certain numbers?
To ensure the duration of this tour stays within 30 minutes, it comprises a limited number of objects selected from the 60-minute tour.