Get ready for fun with the pharaohs at Night at Auckland Museum: Wonders of Egypt, a torch-lit adventure across two floors of actor-led activities. 

Wonders of Egypt

Night at Auckland Museum

Wonders of Egypt

SUN 2, MON 3, THURS 6, SUN 9, MON 10, WED 12 JULY 


Discover what life was like living by the Nile, Egyptian style!   

Ready to make a mummy? Paint a tomb, or try your hand at hieroglyphics? Then join us for a magical night as we whisk you back over 3,000 years to a time when the pharaohs ruled Egypt.  

Welcome to Night at Auckland Museum: Wonders of Egypt, where ancient characters come alive to show you the many wonders of their mighty and fascinating civilisation - from the gilded reign of pharaohs to the daily life of workers, farmers and artists. 

Try on the headgear worn by the pharaoh and learn about the role of the high priests, then jump into everyday Egyptian life, trying their cuisine and even their rather unusual medical remedies - if you’re brave enough!  

Get that authentic Nile style with a crash-course in Egyptian beauty and adornments. Then delve into the rituals of the afterlife, discovering the secrets of protective amulets and art of tomb painting. Finally, it’s time to summon your courage to enter the mysterious ‘tent of purification’ to witness the intricate rituals of mummification - not at all scary of course! 

With two floors of actor-led activities, bring your torch and unlock the mysteries and marvels of this ancient civilisation in a night of family fun for all ages. 

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Snapshots from our last Night at Auckland Museum

Frequently asked questions

+How do we get into the Museum?

Please enter Auckland Museum via the South Atrium entrance into Te Ao Mārama. Doors will open from 5.30pm but the event does not begin till 6pm.

+Will the car park be open?

Yes, there is limited parking in the Museum’s underground carpark. This will be open for the evening, at a special discounted rate of $10. Closure of the carpark will coincide with the end of the event.

As usual there will be free parking up to 180 minutes around the Museum and the Domain.

See here for full details on transport options and parking details.

+How much is it?

Our tickets are the same price for both adults and children. Early bird tickets are available until Sunday 11 June at $35 each. From Monday 12 June, tickets are $40 per person. Door sales will be $45 (subject to availability). Members receive a 10% discount on all prices.

Ticket price includes entry into our major exhibition: Egypt: In the Time of Pharaohs.

+For what ages is the event suitable?

We believe there is something for visitors of all ages in this programme. The most suitable age group is between 6 and 12 years.

+What do we need to bring?

Torches! For safety reasons, we keep lights on low, but it will still be darker than usual in the galleries. A torch will help you navigate your way around and add to the fun.

+What should we wear?

Brave visitors to the Museum are encouraged to dress in ancient Egyptian costume (parents too!) and there will be spot prizes for the best costumes on the night.

It can get cold inside the Museum at night, so it’s best to bring layered clothing. The event takes place across the whole Museum so wear sensible shoes. Bags over 40cm x 15cm x 35cm must be checked into a self-service locker, which are located in Te Ao Mārama.  

+How does the evening progress?

Plan to arrive before 6pm. Upon entering, you’ll be given a map and pencil to help navigate the event. Then at 6pm, the event will begin with a short welcome and overview by Nebet the Grand Vizier, who will introduce you to all the characters. After that, you can use your map to begin exploring, and seeking out the characters and activities in your own time.

+Is it a guided tour?

No, you can explore at your own pace with your own group. But don’t forget to head to the auditorium on level 2 at a time specified on your map for the scheduled Making of a Mummy show. And of course, you must visit our major exhibition, Egypt: In the Time of Pharaohs, which will be open during the evening for exclusive viewing.

+What will I find around the Museum?

You’ll encounter 15 different ancient Egyptian characters - from high priests to everyday people - who will share their ancient Egyptian lives with you and your family in a fun and friendly way.  

The characters will have stories to share and activities to engage in: some of these are craft activities; some entail joining in and having a go; and others you can just enjoy watching. All audience participation is entirely optional, so please feel free to do as much or as little as you are comfortable with.  

+What adult-children ratio do you recommend for the event?

We recommend one adult for a maximum of four kids as this event is self-guided.

+Is the entire event accessible for those using wheelchairs/pushchairs?

Yes, all the evening’s activities can be accessed via lifts or ramps.

+Will I be able to take photos or videos during the evening?

Of course! Take lots of photos for memories of the event, but please try not to interfere with the activities taking place.

+Are we allowed to bring food and drink?

You can bring bottled water with you, but no food or drinks are allowed in the Museum galleries. 

+Will there be food and drink for sale at the Museum?

Yes, Tuitui Museum Bistro & Café will be open from 5.30pm offering a limited menu. Last orders will be taken at 8PM, if you need to quench your thirst or fill your tummies. 

We are also happy for you to BYO food to eat before the event starts. You can enjoy this in Puku Nui, our kai room in Te Ao Mārama which will be open from 5.30PM. Please be a tidy kiwi and clean up after yourselves.

+Marketing and Publicity Photography at the Event

Please also note there will be photography taking place for publicity and marketing purposes if you do not wish to be photographed please let the photographers know on the night.