Auckland Museum is temporarily closed

Auckland Museum is closed to visitors until further notice, in step with our country's efforts to limit the transmission of Covid-19. Our website remains open for you to browse. Visit Auckland Museum At Home.


The Museum’s doors have been closed during the lockdown. But did you ever wonder about the objects that are ‘home alone’? Rumours abound that some of them have been running amok! Imagine what our objects get up to in the Museum while our galleries are empty. Do they have a secret life of their own? Thanks to all those who took part in our school holiday competition, to explore the Secret Life of Objects through a work of art.

We’ve selected 10 finalists, and online voting is now open for you to choose your audience favourite.

Our panel of Museum judges will choose the 1st and 2nd place and the audience favourite will be announced on Monday 1 November.

First prize is a Prezzy Card worth $150. Second place is a $100 Prezzy Card and our audience favourite will also win a Prezzy Card worth $100.

Online voting has now opened for the audience favourite! Click Vote Now to vote for your favourite masterpiece.


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Secret Life of Objects Story Competition

Secret Life of Objects Story Competition

If you don't consider yourself to be 'arty', check out our Secret Life of Objects Story Competition. And yes, you can enter both if that's your preference.