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Sleepover with Sea Monsters

WED 14 JUL, 7 PM – THUR 15 JUL, 8AM
FRI 16 JUL, 7 PM – SAT 17 JUL, 8AM
WED 21 JUL, 7 PM – THUR 22 JUL, 8AM
FRI 23 JUL, 7 PM – SAT 24 JUL, 8AM


Spend a night with some prehistoric ocean predators at our Sleepover with Sea Monsters.

As the sun sets explore the darkened galleries and search for sneaky sea monsters hidden around the building. Make your own prehistoric puppet, get your hands on some fabulous fossils and learn about the time when these giant monsters ruled the seas. Famous fossil hunter Mary Anning will share stories of her adventures in the early 1800's when nobody quite knew who these baffling bones belonged to. Listen to stories and enjoy supper around the ‘campfire’. There may even be an appearance from the Museum's very own prehistoric pal!

Finally, fall asleep amongst life-sized replicas of Elasmosaurus, Prognathodon and other long-named specimens. Night, night; hope the sea monsters don't bite! 

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