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Dig for Dinosaurs - Uncover the magic of fossils

Dig for Dinosaurs - Uncover the magic of fossils


Welcome to Weekend Wonders at the Museum, epic weekend adventures of
learning and discovery. Each Weekend Wonder activity features an exciting theme that fires young imaginations and gives kids the opportunity to learn with fun, hands-on activities and games.

Our current Weekend Wonder programme is Dig for Dinosaurs!

Calling all Dinosaur Hunters.

Something huge and mysterious has just been discovered in Auckland.

Using your amazing palaeontology skills, your mission is to help uncover a mystery dinosaur that will be revealed over the next few months.

So come along to Weird and Wonderful at Auckland Museum on the weekend and grab a pick and a brush as we go digging for fossils.

Every kid loves dinosaurs and this hands-on programme provides a fun introduction to the fascinating world of palaeontology. Young paleontologists will learn about:

● What palaeontologists do

● When and where dinosaurs lived

● What kind of dinosaurs lived in New Zealand

● How dinosaur fossils are formed

● How Auckland Museum cares for its dinosaur fossils

● Where does the museum hide their dinosaurs?

The programme includes a short tour of the Museum’s Origins Gallery, telling the story of amateur paleontologist, Joan Wiffen, who discovered New Zealand’s first dinosaur bone in 1975. Kids get to examine objects on the handling collection wall in the Weird and Wonderful Gallery and vote for the coolest dinosaur.

Please note
This event is recommended for children aged 5-12 years.

All children must be accompanied by an adult during this programme. Accompanying adults do not require tickets.

General Admission is not included in this pricing - Museum entry is free for Aucklanders with proof of address.