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From Insomnia, Munted Clocks to Sleep Sex

From Insomnia, Munted Clocks to Sleep Sex

WED 28 MAR, 6.30PM,

Dr Tony Fernando is a psychiatrist and sleep specialist who trained at the University of Pennsylvania. He treats patients with various sleep disorders from insomnias, shifted clocks (severe owls and larks), sleep walkers, sleep screamers to those with sleep related sexual behaviours.

In addition to his interest in sleep and psychiatry, he teaches mindfulness to doctors, medical students and inmates in Mt Eden prison, researches compassion in medicine and more recently competes in ocean races despite a previous phobia of the deep.

A former Buddhist monk in Myanmar, and now finishing his PhD studying compassion, he is open to sharing his thoughts about sleep, human suffering, kindness, anxiety attacks in the middle of the sea and enlightenment.

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Image caption: Dr Tony Fernando, image supplied