Creative Apocalypse: Reinventing the World

Join Professor Neal Curtis as he asks how we build a new world in the shadow of the old.

TUE 24 SEP, 5.30PM

'Apocalypse' means to reveal or disclose. It has associations with the end of the world because that is supposedly revealed in the last book of the New Testament. The cultural dominance of this story means that apocalypse is primarily connected to destruction.

In this talk, Professor Neal Curtis wants us to consider a creative apocalypse and how we might understand the nature of our world. All worlds are created things. They are also continually contested and argued over. They need constant repair or overhaul. The RELICS exhibition gives us a glimpse into this process. As we consider how to respond to climate change, some argue we need to bring into being a new world, one that is more sensitive to nature, more aware of our dependencies and our impact. In this regard, RELICS reveals an important truth about our worlds and any requirement to rebuild or remake them; we will never start from a clean slate. Social, political, economic, philosophical factors will always frame and house any reinvention, just as the antique objects do in the exhibition. So, the question is, how do we build a new world in the shadow of the old?

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About Professor Neal Curtis

About Professor Neal Curtis

Professor Neal Curtis from the University of Auckland Waipapa Taumata Rau has a background in critical and political theory. He has written books on the War on Terror, the Financial Crisis, and most recently published Hate In Precarious Times: Mobilising Anxiety from the Alt-Right to Brexit. He is also a comics scholars and has written on the concept of sovereignty and superheroes. He is currently writing Comics and Communication: Graphic Storytelling from Activism to Science with the University Press of Mississippi.

Illustration: Noah's Arc 2023 by Anne Derenne - Adenecartoon