Out of the Ocean, Into the Fire – Auckland Museum Institute Lecture

Bruce Hayward Lecture

History in the rocks and landforms of Northland and Auckland


Northland and Auckland have the most diverse and complex geology in New Zealand. This talk will summarise the story of their 300-million-year history recently presented in Bruce Hayward’s new book of the same title.

All of the older rocks that underlie northern New Zealand were deposited as sediment or erupted as lava on the floor of the ancient Pacific Ocean. Some were pasted onto the side of Gondwana and later a huge volume of oceanic rocks were uplifted and slid over Northland. Most of the subsequent history was dominated by fiery volcanic activity of greater diversity than any area of similar size elsewhere in the world.

The present-day shape and landforms of our region reflect its history over the last five million years with local uplift, erosion, volcanic activity, construction of New Zealand’s largest sand-dune barriers and harbours, and moulding of the coast by the oscillating sea levels of the Ice Ages. 

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