During wartime, those who fight in uniform are far from the only casualties.

Since the Second World War, civilian deaths in conflicts greatly outweigh those of soldiers. Many victims of war are children. Children in war-ravaged countries live in a constant state of fear, and disease and malnutrition can be widespread. Childhoods become frozen and plans for the future are forgotten, as the future becomes uncertain.

From WWI orphans to WWII evacuees, child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Syrian children in refugee camps, young people are enormously impacted by war.

Writers can choose to respond to the theme of "Children of War" in poetry or prose. The competition is open to all ages.

There are three age categories: 18 years +, 12 - 17 years and 11 years and under. We choose three finalists from each category - each will receive a Prezzy card for $150. 

2019 winner Andrew Ma

Entries must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 13 April 2021.
You can email competitions@aucklandmuseum.com using 'Lest We Forget' as the subject. 
Please attach poems, rather than send a Google Docs link. 

Or post your entries to: 

Lest We Forget Poetry Competition
Auckland Museum
Private Bag 92018
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142

Entries will be judged by a panel of Museum writers, curators and educators. The judges' decision is final.

Finalists, chosen from each age category will be invited to read their entries inside the Museum on Anzac Day at 9.30am. Finalists will also be invited to a morning tea reception afterwards.

N.B. For school entries, please use personal email and phone numbers instead of school details.

2019 winner Madeline Bennett with competition sponsor. Michele Mann.