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21 New Zealand Infantry Battalion Association Membership Files

21st Battalion Association Logo

21st Battalion Association Logo

The 21 New Zealand Infantry Battalion was raised from recruits predominantly in Auckland City and North Auckland, with some from the Waikato and Hauraki districts. During the war the battalion served in Greece and Crete before being evacuated back to Egypt. In the Western Desert the battalion suffered heavy losses especially at Sidi Rezegh. They fought at El Alamein and followed the advance of Rommel to Tunisia where they fought alongside the 28 Maori Battalion at Takrouna. Joining with the 8th Army in Italy, they took part in engagements at Sangro, Orsogna and Cassino. Part of the occupying force at Trieste, the Battalion remained in Italy until October 1945, at which point most were repatriated to New Zealand leaving the more recent recruits to be sent to joined J Force. During the war the Battalion lost 444 men in action, 1172 were wounded and 574 taken as prisoners of war.

The 21 New Zealand Infantry Battalion Assn was formed in 1955. It grew from an informal meeting at the Maple Doorway in Symonds Street, Auckland. Ten days later on 18 May 1955, the first business meeting was held and the association was officially launched with its objectives being ‘to bring together for mutual enjoyments and assistance all ex-members of the 21 New Zealand Infantry Battalion and their next of kin’.

The Association provided support and welfare for veterans with social functions, reunions, overseas trips and annual ANZAC Day parades. The Ladies’ Section was formed in 1958 to assist in hospitality and catering, and for many years the Association’s clubroom in Mt Roskill provided a home base for the growing membership.

The Association held numerous national reunions, organised overseas trips and supported members and their families. Eventually, as the membership aged, so too the numbers declined and the responsibility for running the Association fell to a small number of stalwarts.

In 2005, after celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Association was wound up and its collections offered to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Working through Museum Curator Rose Young, items from the Clubrooms including this card catalogue, memorabilia, photographs and archives were transferred to the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

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Displaying 1 - 100 of 1690 records
PhotoFamily nameFirst namesForceWarsService # 
C143105AbernethyCharlie MitchellArmyWorld War II, 1939-194522554 
C131866AbbottRichard BrianArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945, Jayforce, 1945-194823709 
C143210AdamsHugh MillerArmyWorld War II, 1939-194522158 
126430AdamsJackArmyWorld War II, 1939-194565143 
148252AdamsSidney Donald WallerArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945244962 
167377AgnewWilliam DesmondArmyWorld War II, 1939-194566579 
166771AhernPatrick KevinArmyWorld War II, 1939-194565144 
147894AitkenJames MacNeillArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945237960 
106616AllenBarry DicksonArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945272731 
103044AllcockDouglas HenryArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945612213 
103036AldridgeEarnest Gibson GeraldArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945439655 
C143147AllelyFrancis NelsonArmyWorld War II, 1939-194522591 
164634AllenFrank RichardArmyWorld War II, 1939-194561888 
103048AllenGarfield StuartArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945615777 
149421AllenGeorgeArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945270016 
C143135AldertonGeorge Frederick RichardArmyWorld War II, 1939-194522108 
164635AllenJames HillsArmyWorld War II, 1939-194561889 
C140869AlcockKenneth AllisterArmyWorld War II, 1939-194524983 
C120707AllenLionel LeonardArmyWorld War II, 1939-194570088 
129681AlkerMalcolm JohnArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945455062 
129694AlstonThomasArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945164059 
C143226AndersonAllan CharlesArmyWorld War II, 1939-194521411 
164390AndersonEric GrahamArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945616437 
172085AndersonGeorge DouglasArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945415603 
C143236AndersonHenry JamesArmyWorld War II, 1939-194521412 
C133537AndersonIan WilsonArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945620227 
C141385AndersenJack NorvalArmyWorld War II, 1939-194523026 
100507AndrewsNelson NoelArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945290372 
126455AndrewarthaRichard HenryArmyWorld War II, 1939-194567181 
C143234AndersonThomas GoodArmyWorld War II, 1939-194521553 
148667AndersonTrevor Albert JohnArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945252305 
148097AndersonWilliam Charles KeithArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945242060 
C143276ArmstrongJack ErnestArmyWorld War II, 1939-194522242 
C140876ArburyJames EricArmyWorld War II, 1939-194524993 
164639ArnottJames SelwynArmyWorld War II, 1939-194561892 
129744ArmstrongLewis HowardArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945377173 
108801AstrellaIvan FrancisArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945449913 
C138169AshcroftJohnArmyWorld War II, 1939-194526447 
155642AshtonThomas RalphArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945430396 
C127700AtchinsonDennison ReadArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945256296 
174745AtkinsHarry EdmundArmyWorld War II, 1939-194570902 
126482AutonAlan WhitnellArmyWorld War II, 1939-194567116 
122767AughtonHugh William GeorgeArmyWorld War II, 1939-194563303 
135584AutridgeHumphreyArmyWorld War II, 1939-194528131 
129822BalfourAlexanderArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945243236 
103161BarsdellCharles HenryArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945405578 
150354BartonColin GeorgeArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945285645 
C120892BaileyColin JackArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945622168 
161921BakerCyril ErnestArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945530157 
162498BallantyneDouglas LeslieArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945555529 
106666BainDouglas TaylorArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945617001 
C120955BakerEdwardArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945248870 
C143403BarnesErnest EdmundArmyWorld War II, 1939-194520459 
C143630BassettErnest NeilsonArmyWorld War II, 1939-194520579 
C143641BattyFrankArmyWorld War II, 1939-194522519 
135664BarnesFrank CharlesArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945157331 
C133101BakerFrederickArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945442397 
160798BarkerFrederick AlwynArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945493710 
C143446BagnallFrederick CadmanArmyWorld War II, 1939-194522110 
155273BattyGeorgeArmyWorld War II, 1939-194542424 
103113BabeGeorge KennethArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945410329 
146896BarkerGeorge WilliamArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945211571 
155293BaxterGeorge WilliamArmyWorld War II, 1939-194542453 
C130893BainbridgeGordonstoneArmyWorld War II, 1939-194566047 
154315BarnesHarry DouglasArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945407139 
C28031BaldwinHerbert RolandArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945275801 
C120890BairdIan James BruceArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945444741 
C141631BartrumIvan LennoxArmyWorld War II, 1939-194521346 
C143642BavisterJackArmyWorld War II, 1939-194521490 
100575BarkerLenonArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945438533 
C143464BarrMartin ToddArmyWorld War II, 1939-194521332 
103125BakerMatthew CharlesArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945555034 
C120889BallMaurice James DennisArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945447308 
C133574BaiNorman AlfredArmyWorld War II, 1939-194564144 
C141376BallOswald JamesArmyWorld War II, 1939-194523870 
C143455BaileyRalph CharlesArmyWorld War II, 1939-194522455 
C130825BakerRalph JohnArmyWorld War II, 1939-194522594 
108834BattRobert ClaudeArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945447784 
C143472BarronRobert LaurenceArmyWorld War II, 1939-194522245 
167568BallSydney JamesArmyWorld War II, 1939-194567185 
C143386BardsleyThomasArmyWorld War II, 1939-194522018 
126494BakerVernon LewisArmyWorld War II, 1939-194564948 
149140BarlowWilliamArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945263864 
158699BakerWilliam ArthurArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945458474 
C145596BakerWilliam MaximusArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945559059 
149038BennettAlfred WilliamArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945261548 
C133607BerridgeAlfred WynyardArmyWorld War II, 1939-194564040 
C130915BearsleyAlgenon RonaldArmyWorld War II, 1939-194561902 
C144561BellveAlma DonArmyWorld War II, 1939-194521673 
129930BeckArthur David WilliamArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945098282 
126561BerghanBrian WilliamArmyWorld War II, 1939-194567121 
108860BerryCarlton Leonard FrancisArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945281678 
122870BeecheCarlyle Raymond JohnArmyWorld War II, 1939-194563304 
C132632BeckettCecil FranklinArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945486113 
C144568BennettCharlesArmyWorld War II, 1939-194530187 
C122096BellFrancis DickensArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945112051 
158467BellFrederick ClaudeArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945456409 
164655BellFrederick GordonArmyWorld War II, 1939-194561904 
151165BeazleyFrederick LewisArmyWorld War II, 1939-194529875 
C144653BezarGeorgo PercivalArmyWorld War II, 1939-194520547 

The development of the Online Cenotaph is an ongoing process; updates, new images and records are added weekly. In some cases, records have yet to be confirmed by Museum staff, and there could be mistakes or omissions in the information provided.