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41 Squadron emblem.

41 Squadron emblem.

Air Force Museum of New Zealand. © CC BY-NC 3.0RNZAF Official. 41 Squadron QC.

41 Squadron RNZAF in Vietnam 1962 -1975

For its part in the Vietnam War, 41 Squadron, an RNZAF Transport Squadron was based in Singapore. 41 Squadron flew into South Vietnam in direct support of New Zealand’s interests there. Many flights were to carry troops or equipment, however, support involved both military and civilian efforts. 

Over the thirteen years of the Vietnam War, 41 Squadron RNZAF made 1979 landings into the conflict. Each flight took a full crew including technical ground crew whose role was to ensure the Squadron’s Bristol Freighters remained serviceable, able to do their job, and get home safely again.  These ground crew servicemen were rarely armed, they picked up toolboxes and did what was required of them. Ground crew names were seldom recorded in Squadron records, which makes it very difficult - and in many cases impossible - for them to find evidence of their Vietnam service and receive the recognition they deserve. 

One of these Airmen was former ground engineer Douglas (Scotty) Wingfield who, like other technical ground crew, flew into and stayed in Vietnam on numerous occasions.  After struggling to find evidence of his own service, he took on a lone battle to right a wrong for his comrades. 

As at the end of 2019, Scotty has used his research to assist at least 90 of these Airmen to receive their Vietnam Medals and Vietnam Veteran status. He continues his search.  

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Displaying 1 - 100 of 227 records
PhotoFamily nameFirst namesForceWarsService # 
197845AllisonAlan RoyAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975K79819 
187138Allison Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187464Anderson Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187465Andress Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
84634AndrewsRobert CharlesAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197579521, L79521Preliminary record 
84668AtkinsonKeith AlexanderAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197577433Preliminary record 
187140Barlow Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187141BarnettKennethAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975441989, X71022 
187144Bate Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
89476BaylissGraham GeorgeAir ForceMalayan Emergency, 1948-1960, Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960NZ46527, 71487 
187147BennieDouglasAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187148BennyWilliamAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187150BevanDavid MalcolmAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197582009 
187152Bothomley Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
84854BremnerKelvin ReidAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197577802, S77802 
84906BrownieChristopher WilliamAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197584616Preliminary record 
187158BruntonWilliam RonaldAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197575580, C75580 
187159Buck  Vietnam War, 1961-1975  
187378BuckmasterJohn ClarkAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975708262, A708262 
187379BulgerRichard MerrillAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197581019Preliminary record 
84946ButlerTrevor KeithAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197582012Preliminary record 
187382CarmichaelColin NewmanAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197577271, Q77271Preliminary record 
187383CarmodyRoy MichaelAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197583454Preliminary record 
187385Carruthers Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
187466Chady Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
85007ChaneyDenis RodneyAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197579527Preliminary record 
187386Chapman Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
85011ChappellWayne MauriceAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197582468Preliminary record 
187387ChippindaleRonaldAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975, Malayan Emergency, 1948-196074210, N74210, 74210 
187467ClaridgeI. S.Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187388ClarkeIanAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
187389ClementsJohnAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
187390ClemoesDavid GuyAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197579099, C79099 
187176ColbeckBruce VernonAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197577215, E77215 
187468Collins Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187469Conroy Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187472CooperJ.Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187179Cooper Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
187182CoxKenneth GeorgeAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197582934Preliminary record 
187185CreightonColin BruceAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197582550Preliminary record 
187186Crook Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
187187CrossRussellAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975S80171Preliminary record 
187189CummingDuncanAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197572791, V72791 
187473Cumming Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187190CurrieWilliam Alexander KennettAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197572760, M72760 
85200DavidsonRobert DuncanAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197579490Preliminary record 
187474Day Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
85236DensemDavid RupertAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197571189, E71189 
187475DidhamDennis W.Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187476Dix Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
C142264DoranHenryMerchant NavyWorld War I, 1914-1918MN 187215 
187478DownardK. L.Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
85277DownsMurray LawrenceAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197579983Preliminary record 
187193DoyleFrank JosephAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197574428Preliminary record 
85299DuncanJames BurnAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197579144, B79144Preliminary record 
187479Easton Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187480ElfordR. N.Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187481Elliot Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187482EllisR.Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975, Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960H74366, 74366 
187483ElvinBarryAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187196EnglishJohn David ParkerAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197579676 
187197Evison Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
187198FanningJohnAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197576160Preliminary record 
187484Fishley Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
170305FoleyWilliam Cyril TerenceArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945, Vietnam War, 1961-197513633, 30054 
187485Fonty Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187486FordMauriceAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
188468FryerNorman AntonyAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975X81878Preliminary record 
187487Furkert Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
C141055GarrettRoger Ian FairlieAir ForceRegular Military Service, Vietnam War, 1961-197572285 
187210GarvinSidney PaulAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197582564Preliminary record 
85472GastonGerald WilliamAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197578841, W78841Preliminary record 
85477GebbieWilliam LewisAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197579150Preliminary record 
187488GeerR. G.Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187211GoodallMurray RobertAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197583443 
85539GordonJohn JeremyAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197574999Preliminary record 
85570GreerBrian Alexander NealAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975, Malayan Emergency, 1948-196075169, F75169, 75169 
187214Griffiths Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
85582GriggBrian JamesAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197575103Preliminary record 
187215Gudsell Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
187489Halbert Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187217Hall Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
187219Hancock Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
187220HanlonAntony NoelAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197581841Preliminary record 
85632HansenJohn FrederickArmyVietnam War, 1961-197581444Preliminary record 
187490HardyTrevorAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
85651HarlickDesmond BruceAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975331929, S331929 
187491Harris Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187224Harrison Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
184121HawksDesmond TrevorAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197571001 
187225Hay Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975 Preliminary record 
187492Hibbard Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187493Hibbart Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187494HillE.Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
85783HoareAlan RichardAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197579695 
85805HolmesStuart GarnerAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197579314Preliminary record 
187232HoulthamPeterAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197579396Preliminary record 
187233HughanPeter JamesAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197574948Preliminary record 
187495HumphriesR.Air ForceVietnam War, 1961-1975  
187234JamesonWarwickAir ForceVietnam War, 1961-197581097Preliminary record 

The development of the Online Cenotaph is an ongoing process; updates, new images and records are added weekly. In some cases, records have yet to be confirmed by Museum staff, and there could be mistakes or omissions in the information provided.