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Battle of Britain 

Crew working on a Hurricane during the Battle of Britain. Air Force Museum of New Zealand \u003ca href=\"\" \u003e MUS0800148 \u003c/a\u003e

Crew working on a Hurricane during the Battle of Britain. Air Force Museum of New Zealand MUS0800148

One hundred and thirty five New Zealanders fought during Battle of Britain from the 10th July to 31st October 1940.

The majority of New Zealanders served with three Royal Air Forces Commands; Fighter, Coastal and Bomber. Those that served with the Fighter Command were directly involved with the battle, but those that served with the Bomber and Coastal commands also played a crucial role. The Bomber command destroyed at least 10% of German invasion craft and damaged ports and other facilities, and the Coastal Command rescued many of the pilots who ditched in or bailed out over the channel.

The participation of New Zealand's air men in the Battle of Britain made up about 4.4 percent of those that served during the Battle, our participation was one of the largest of the Allies, excluding the British and pilots from the Polish Air Force.

Many New Zealanders played crucial roles, including Sir Keith Rodney Park who played a vital role in the defence of Britain during the battle. He commanded the No. 11 Group in the South of England where some of the fiercest fighting was taking place. 'His direction was outstanding: he coolly juggled his squadrons to meet incoming raids, focused on the Luftwaffe's bombers, and adapted to change in enemy tactics.'

In 1947 Lord Tedder, head of the Royal Air Force said of Keith Park ‘If ever any one man won the Battle of Britain, he did. I don’t believe it is realised how much that one man, with his leadership, his calm judgment and his skill, did to save not only this country, but the world’.

The Battle of Britain was won due to the organisational skills of the Royal Air Forces leaders, including Sir Keith Park, the courage of the pilots who persisted against the odds and the failure of the Luftwaffe to destroy Britain's radar stations and aircraft factories. With the Battle won, Allied victory was possible.

New Zealand's contribution to the Battle of Britain was honoured with the formation of the No. 485 (NZ) Fighter Squadron, the first New Zealand squadron of the Royal Air Force in March 1941. 

Below you can find all the New Zealanders who participated in the Battle of Britain.

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Displaying 1 - 50 of 135 records
PhotoFamily nameFirst namesForceWarsService # 
C18486BurnsWilliam RichardAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ40202 
C130637SimmondsBernard CyrilAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945  
C121216FletcherWalter ThomasAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ40606 
C19068StewartCharlesAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194544231 
C121218FitzgeraldThomas BernardAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194540783 
C18483BrookmanRichard WallerAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ40186, 40186 
C19082VerityVictor Bosanquet StrachanAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ42164 
C18354CobdenDonald GordonAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194541552 
C18436HillHoward PerryAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ41847 
C23572DurrantCarroll RonaldAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ40605, 40605 
C131646WilsonDonald FraserAir ForceRegular Military Service, World War II, 1939-1945  
C277CloustonWilfred GrevilleAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945, Regular Military Service39223 
C130635ButlerWilliam LouisAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ406602, 406602 
C27801MitchellHerbert RobertAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ391843, 391843 
C131644WhitneyDouglas MitchellAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945  
C17899BrennanJack StephenAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ391875, 391875 
C26196HolderRobertAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ391356, 391356 
C19005KempJohn RichardAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194541850 
C131634OaksTrevor WalterAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ39870 
C18465HughesDavid ErnestAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ40920, 40920 
C21023YoungRobert Bett MirkAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ40197, 40197 
C19004HortonPatrick WilmotAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194542128 
C131242GlowackiAntoniAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945, Regular Military Service  
C19073RasmussenLauritz Andrew WoodneyAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ391868 
C27804MacKenzieDonald CarrAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194543706 
C27789PatersonJames AlfredAir ForceRegular Military Service, World War II, 1939-194536193 
C22747WendelKenneth VictorAir ForceRegular Military Service, World War II, 1939-194540651 
C136937ColemanRegAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945, Regular Military ServiceNZ 
C131638PyneColin CampbellAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ39972 
C27791OrgiasEricAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194536272 
C27790WilliamsWycliff StuartAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194542173 
C27806SimpsonGeoffrey MervynAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ41481 
C27798MowatNoel JosephAir ForceRegular Military Service, World War II, 1939-194541725, NZ2404 
C19064McDermottJohn AlexanderAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ40610 
C27792PriestleyJohn SinclairAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ39934, 39934 
C121243HayterJames Chilton FrancisAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ36207, 36207 
C18485BlakeMinden VaughanAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194536095 
C19007LangdonCharles EdwardAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ43705 
C18898O'HaraClarence HectorAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ405035 
C18353CampbellDavid BaillieAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ40604 
C20005SpenceDouglas JamesAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194542445 
C24311TaylorGeorge StringerAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ391849, 391849 
C131641ShandMichael MorayAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ391368 
C19067StanleyDouglas OwenAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ39944, 39944 
C27793NorthHarold LeslieAir ForceRegular Military Service, World War II, 1939-1945NZ41608 
C131645WillisWilliam OwenAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945  
C121166EibyWilliam ThorpeAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ391347 
C131637PyeJohn WalterAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194566503 
C19006KidsonRudalAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-194541297 
C19003HydeReginald JackAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-19452440