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Cover: They Marched to War: a Tribute to Officers of the Bank of New Zealand Who Enlisted for Service in the First World War 1914-1918

Cover: They Marched to War: a Tribute to Officers of the Bank of New Zealand Who Enlisted for Service in the First World War 1914-1918

Courtesy of Murray Boyd, Kaikoura. Two of Murray’s uncles – Harry and Thomas Boyd – were employed by the BNZ.

Bank of New Zealand

Online Cenotaph has worked with Paul Hickford since 2014 enriching the records for the more than 500 Bank of New Zealand staff who served during the First World War. Paul’s strong connection to the BNZ, as a former staff member, is evident in his ongoing commitment to this project.

Bank of New Zealand staff served in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force as well as the Australian Imperial Force, British Expeditionary Force, Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve. Many of these personnel are included on the BNZ memorial plaque at The Terrace, Wellington.

Hickford, P. (2019). They marched to war : A tribute to the officers and sons of officers of the bank of new zealand who enlisted for service in the first world war, 1914-1918. Auckland: Paul Winston Hickford.

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Displaying 1 - 100 of 544 records
PhotoFamily nameFirst namesForceWarsService # 
C79989A'CourtCharles HaroldArmyWorld War I, 1914-191831393 
C18858AbbotGavin MelvilleArmyWorld War I, 1914-191813/280 
179983AbrahamRonald CharlesArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945, World War I, 1914-191818063 
C15AbrahamWilliam PercivalArmyWorld War I, 1914-19187/152 
C17AbsolumNorman William LeslieArmyWorld War I, 1914-191842731 
C112202AcklandPhilip BellArmyWorld War I, 1914-191874775 
C88279AdamsArthurArmyWorld War I, 1914-191842613 
C35278AimerGeorge Edmond VernonAir ForceWorld War I, 1914-1918118205 
C130361AllenCharles Robert GerrardNavyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C67020AllenKenneth HubertArmyWorld War I, 1914-19182/2956 
C98547AllrightLeslie NicholsonArmyWorld War I, 1914-191857341 
179976AndrewsLionel Edward AlfredArmyWorld War I, 1914-191876266 
C35518ApplebyDouglasArmyWorld War I, 1914-191855388 
C84348ArcherRoy Stenning TremaineArmyWorld War I, 1914-191828066 
C63376ArmstrongDavid CecilArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-194526/8, 2/18/1505 
C61373ArmstrongHugh CrossleArmyWorld War I, 1914-19188/3468 
179917ArmstrongWilliam Garnet BarnabyArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C67538AshbyFrederick EdwinArmyWorld War I, 1914-191811768 
C37608AshleyLawrence LytteltonArmyWorld War I, 1914-19186/6 
C99029AshwellWilliam RolandArmyWorld War I, 1914-191850463 
C82181AspinallHenry RatcliffeArmyWorld War I, 1914-191832610 
C64944BagnallLemuel Alan WestonArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19452/2775, 809660 
C37772BainJamesArmyWorld War I, 1914-19187/302 
C90444BakerHarold JervesArmyWorld War I, 1914-191847575 
C88830BakewellWilliam Levenet ChadwickArmyWorld War I, 1914-191836734 
C37888BannermanWilfred EllesArmyWorld War I, 1914-19188/2839 
C67550BarghJohnArmyWorld War I, 1914-191811779, 10/4239 
C84895BargroveWilliam Charles ArthurArmyWorld War I, 1914-191830424 
C110500BarkerAlfred CharlesArmyWorld War I, 1914-191875999 
C105884BarkerPercival ChilmanArmyWorld War I, 1914-191858115 
C37965BarnardJoseph WilliamArmyWorld War I, 1914-19186/2534 
C108170BarrAlan DallasAir ForceWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-194570993, NZ403906 
C62230BarrLennox McMillan GordonArmyWorld War I, 1914-19189/1795 
C38031BarronArthur RobertArmyWorld War I, 1914-19189/7 
C79033BartholomewHector ThomasArmyWorld War I, 1914-191817610 
C86194BartonErnest OnslowArmyWorld War I, 1914-191836253 
179918BasanGuy DavidArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C109960BathLeslie AthertonArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-194572453, 23699, 14840 
179978BaxterEric KennethArmyWorld War I, 1914-191889456 
C87414BeachJohn AllenArmyWorld War I, 1914-191840286 
C38210BeauchampHerbert Rolf HaultainArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/115A 
C96903BellArthur StanleyArmyWorld War I, 1914-191849324 
C62438BellGeorge NormanArmyWorld War I, 1914-19185/831 
C87721BennettStacey ErnestArmyWorld War I, 1914-191838874 
C38390BennettoWilliam FrancisArmyWorld War I, 1914-19188/165 
C89132BerryReginald AlfredArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-194542019, 390998 
C70792BibbyRobert EdwardArmyWorld War I, 1914-191822907 
C86821BilkeyNorman TrevorArmyWorld War I, 1914-191840491 
C38518BillingFrances HenryArmyWorld War I, 1914-191810/2859 
C107436BindonBertram BernardArmyWorld War I, 1914-191871696 
179982BirdKenneth HuiaArmyWorld War I, 1914-191883765 
C78672BirdLeslie BertramArmyWorld War I, 1914-191829980 
C38628BlackburneNoel ChurchillArmyWorld War I, 1914-191810/286 
C78001BlairGlenArmyWorld War I, 1914-191826541 
C1292BlennerhassettArthur ReginaldArmyWorld War I, 1914-191823070 
C60894BlennerhassettHenry EliottArmyWorld War I, 1914-191810/3492 
C62257BlennerhassettWalterArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19452/2782, 309728 
C63031BogueThomas PatrickArmyWorld War I, 1914-191825/586 
C64417BongardStanleyArmyWorld War I, 1914-191812/3915 
179979BottrellAlexandra Frederick AndrewArmyWorld War I, 1914-191889038 
C62839BottrellHarry ClementArmyWorld War I, 1914-191825/531 
C86824BourkeEric MansonArmyWorld War I, 1914-191840494 
C64682BowdenHarold LeslieArmyWorld War I, 1914-19186/3997 
C1479BoydHenry RichardArmyWorld War I, 1914-191812/4139 
C81902BoydThomas GeorgeArmyWorld War I, 1914-191830342 
C80471BrebnerColin Schroder GlendenningArmyWorld War I, 1914-191829592 
179980BreezeCyril HenryArmyWorld War I, 1914-191873692 
C39095BrightJohn WilliamArmyWorld War I, 1914-191815/26 
179981BrinkmanLeonardArmyWorld War I, 1914-191886547 
179965BrownJohn Bruce LeopoldArmyWorld War I, 1914-191890177 
C81790BrownellEric TasmanArmyWorld War I, 1914-191834619 
C70352BruceGilbertArmyWorld War I, 1914-191823671 
C1830BruceHarry JohnArmyWorld War I, 1914-191812/301 
C39367BruceRobert GrahamArmyWorld War I, 1914-19186/2555 
C90222BryantWilliamArmyWorld War I, 1914-191844626 
C39455BuddoRoy RolloArmyWorld War I, 1914-19186/2082 
C86994BurtPhillip GeorgeArmyWorld War I, 1914-191839752 
C39733CairnsGeorgeArmyWorld War I, 1914-19181/34 
179987CaldwellGilbert ComynArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C39781CallenderClement CyrilArmyWorld War I, 1914-191824/73 
C92899CampbellClaudeArmyWorld War I, 1914-191840144 
C93594CampbellCyril AlexisArmyWorld War I, 1914-191842866 
C94101CarmineLionel JamesArmyWorld War I, 1914-191841428 
C40027CarpenterBernard CharterisArmyWorld War I, 1914-19184/90A 
C130379CarterOscar WeldonNavyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-1945  
179919CassJohn Ernest ThomasArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C35616ChalmersHenry Ralph HarveyArmyWorld War I, 1914-191825/729 
C98244ChambersLawrence DudleyArmyWorld War I, 1914-191856745 
C40230ChambersWilliam WymanArmyWorld War I, 1914-19181/324 
89395ChaneyWalter St. ClairArmyWorld War I, 1914-191865873 
C40358ChrystalWilliam LivingstonArmyWorld War I, 1914-191811/34 
C107022ClarkGeorge LaytonArmyWorld War I, 1914-191867563 
C72121ClarkJames PattersonArmyWorld War I, 1914-191825059 
C35007ClarkPercy MacquarieArmyWorld War I, 1914-191812690 
C40518ClarksonEric WilliamArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19452/399, 2/18/52 
C103722Clayton-GreeneEric FreemanArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-194550907, 637959 
179920ClemensReginald ThomasArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
179966CliffordPhilip MontagueArmyWorld War I, 1914-191831039 
C92651CliftonArthur ThomasArmyWorld War I, 1914-191851339 
C36972CloustonNoel BalfourArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-194572159, 31813, 560331 

The development of the Online Cenotaph is an ongoing process; updates, new images and records are added weekly. In some cases, records have yet to be confirmed by Museum staff, and there could be mistakes or omissions in the information provided.