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Bronze cast of a White Feather medal. Commissioned for Home Front Exhibition at Auckland War Memorial Museum in 2016. \u003ca href=\"\"\u003e2017.53.1\u003c/a\u003e.

Bronze cast of a White Feather medal. Commissioned for Home Front Exhibition at Auckland War Memorial Museum in 2016. 2017.53.1.

Collection of Auckland Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira, 2017.53.1 Commissioned© All Rights Reserved

Conscientious Objectors in World War One

When conscription was introduced to New Zealand in 1916 thousands of men were called up to serve under Section 34 and 35 of the Military Service Act. However, there were those who opposed the war because of religious, political and moral beliefs.

About 600 men declared conscientious objections. Many of those who refused to go were subsequently punished and incarcerated. Of these men, 286 were ultimately imprisoned in New Zealand

The names of the objectors and the details of their convictions were taken from NZHistory’s published list of imprisoned conscientious objectors, 1916-18.

These records provide us with important insights into the personal details, occupations, and the myriad of reasons these men had for refusing to serve, as well as the harsh punishments that they were subjected to.

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Displaying 1 - 100 of 229 records
PhotoFamily nameFirst namesForceWarsService # 
180894AdinHenryCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191857439 
180895AickenIsaac SamuelCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191848885 
180897AikenOwen JohnCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191866096 
180898AllelyBrian AndrewsCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191870773 
180899AndersonFrederick WilliamCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191857444 
180900AndersonHenry Alfred DrummondCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191861175 
180901ArthurRonaldCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191848152 
180902AshHenry CharlesCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191872700 
180905BattenAllan PercyCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191862821 
C96512BaxterArchibald McColl LarmondArmyWorld War I, 1914-191847814 
180904BanksDavidCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191871954 
180906BaxterDonaldCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191860357 
C96390BallantyneGarth CarsleyArmyWorld War I, 1914-191851621 
180907BaxterHughCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191860358 
180903BadgerWilfred SmithCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191881341 
180908BaxterWilliamCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191863870 
180977BeatonAlisterCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191881947 
180979BennettJohn HenryCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191862822 
180978BellNorman MurrayCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191864795 
180980BentleyThomas AtkinsonCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191864699 
180982BlanchardArthurCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191892896 
180983BlandHerbertCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191859854 
180984BlundellHugh KingCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191862843 
180981BladeHugh RobertCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191858728 
180985BowreyErnest HaroldCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191889764 
180996BrosnanDanielCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191871945 
180999BryantHenryCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191862808 
180986BrailsfordJohn AnnesleyCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191862718 
180998BroughtonKeith HamiltonCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191857363 
C96665BriggsMarkArmyWorld War I, 1914-191851629 
180997BrosnanTimothyCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191865249 
181000BurgessKennethCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191892879 
C33730BurtonOrmond EdwardArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/483 
181003CarianGeorgeCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191884228 
181002CampbellHughCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191875296 
181001CalpinJamesCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191871992 
181005ChurchAlbert Edwin JohnCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191853855 
181004ChristianDonaldCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191874341 
181006ChurchFrederickCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191887659 
181007ClaphamJames WilfredCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191871926 
181008ClarkLouisCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191871947 
181014ColeAlfred FrankCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191886977 
181016ConwayEdwardCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191884173 
181009CochraneErnest SamuelCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191875318 
181010CodyJohnCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191860309 
181011CodyLawrenceCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191878529 
181012CodyPatrickCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191860308 
181015CollinsThomasCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191885460 
181013CoffeyThomas GeorgeCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191878490 
181017CunninghamAnthonyCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191864771 
181018DagleishAnthonyCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191879912 
181021DayDouglas HenryCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191887276 
181019DaveyWilfred JamesCivilianWorld War I, 1914-1918 3/3844 
181020DavidsonWilliam ErnestCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191857382 
181022DixonThomas PerrinCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191856570 
181024DohertyCharles WentworthCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191863315 
181027DowsettEdward HenryCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191871980 
181023DodgeFrederick ErnestCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191887661 
181026DowningStanley RobertCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191877974 
181025DonovanWilliam BertramCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191883651 
181029DrummEdward ThomasCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191870768 
181028DriscollThomas MichaelCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191864783 
181031DuncanJohnCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191884165 
181030DukeJoseph WalterCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191877508 
181032EelesGeorge FrederickCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191887274 
181033EllmanHenryCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191889833 
181034EnokaTiriCivilianWorld War I, 1914-1918 84713, 
181035FarrandGeorge ArthurCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191844444 
181036FarrandRobert AlfredCivilianWorld War I, 1914-1918 D67/44445/9 
181038ForlongDouglas GordonCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191859631 
181039ForlongGordonCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191874939 
181037FoleyLawrenceCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191870746 
181040FountainStanley FrederickCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191870771 
181041FowlerThomas EdwardCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191870936 
181042GavinThomas JamesCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191886976 
181043GearJeremiahCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191848418 
181044GillPercyCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191867576 
181046GoodsonCorneliusCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191862807 
181045GoldsburyNoelCivilianWorld War I, 1914-1918110346 
181047GrayHugh RadfordCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191870780 
181048GrayJohnCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191848945 
181050GreenhillWalter Raymond OsborneCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191857216 
181049GrayWilliam GeorgeCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191882011 
181052GunterCharlesCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191874329 
181051GunnDanielCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191889772 
181056HardingAlfred WilliamCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191871996 
181055HannamEdwardCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191881971 
181054HalseFrederick JohnCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191873098 
181053HalkettRoland GordonCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191878502 
181058HendersonAndrew KennawayCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191891174 
181059HerbertFrederick GuyCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191877922 
181057HedleySmithCivilianWorld War I, 1914-1918 3/3395 
181060HigginsEugeneCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191879922 
181061HikoJoeCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191884699 
181062HillWilliam Charles FrederickCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191879921 
181063HodginsForbesCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191874271 
181064HoeraGeorgeCivilianWorld War I, 1914-1918 M233 
181068HopkinsHowardCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191871939 
181067HolthamJohn ErnestCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191859376 
181065HoganJoseph StanleyCivilianWorld War I, 1914-191856601 

The development of the Online Cenotaph is an ongoing process; updates, new images and records are added weekly. In some cases, records have yet to be confirmed by Museum staff, and there could be mistakes or omissions in the information provided.