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Advanced Dressing Station No.3 N.Z.F. Amb,Comer, Clement Edgar, artist,ca. 1918,PH-ALB-195-p34-1

Advanced Dressing Station No.3 N.Z.F. Amb,Comer, Clement Edgar, artist,ca. 1918,PH-ALB-195-p34-1

PH-ALB-195© No known copyright restrictions.

Medical prctioners of the First World War

In 2014, Dr Pat Clarkson, retired Neonatal Paedeatrician provided Online Cenotaph with a list of New Zealand medical practitioners who served in the First World War. A number of Doctors enlisted overseas and were therefore not included in the Nominal Rolls. As a result many of the records identified by Dr Clarkson were created as a result of her thorough research. The following sources were used to compiled this list, the New Zealand Medical Journal, “Historia Nunc Vivat” MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS IN NEW ZEALAND 1840 to 1930 by Rex Earl Wright-St Clair and web resources such as the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography.

The Online Cenotaph team has now been able to identify more than 450 medical practioners who served during this conflict.


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Displaying 101 - 200 of 459 records
PhotoFamily nameFirst namesForceWarsService # 
89861Spencer-DaniellJohnArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3282 
C87900DaviesChristopher Ap RhysArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3081 
C73738DaviesHenry Arthur BluettArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2670 
C87901DavyWilliam HenryArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3106 
C76340DawsonCharles McBeathArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, South African War, 1899-19023/2989 
84313DawsonFrederick Walter WhitneyArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, South African War, 1899-1902  
C84682De la MareFrederick ArchibaldArmyWorld War I, 1914-191822522 
C84354DeckEdward JamesArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2861 
C123429DeckHenry O'BrienArmySouth African War, 1899-1902, World War I, 1914-19183739, 3/2005, 2/1869 
C86148DempsterNorman HarrisonArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2877 
C103910DerrickThomasArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4003 
C86145DoctorJohn AlexanderArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2873 
90822DrewHedley VicarArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C99444DudleyBernard JohnMerchant NavyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3594 
C83121DuncanJames FergusonArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2638 
C115211EadeJames JohnArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4314 
C127496EcclesHorace DorsetArmySouth African War, 1899-1902, World War I, 1914-1918N/N 
C102570EdgarJames NoelArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3816 
C87897EdieEdward KerrArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2897 
C59375ElliottJames SandsArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1803 
87797ElmslieAlexander HarperArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2951 
C115135EvansArthur OwenArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2930 
C93570EwenHenry BayldonArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3306 
C42953FaircloughWilliam AikenArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1312 
87798FalconerAlexander RobertsonArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, South African War, 1899-19027672, 480398 
C42993FarisIrwin EricArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/857 
C43079FellChristopher Walter RichmondArmyWorld War I, 1914-191813/2183 
87800FellWalterArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C33861FenwickPercival ClennellArmySouth African War, 1899-1902, World War I, 1914-1918N/N, 3/158A, 15/118 
87803FenwickDavid EardleyArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2917 
C43094FenwickGeorge Ernest OswaldArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/882A, 3/882 
C43098FergusThomasArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/669 
C43123FergusonWilliam Bertram OchiltreeArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/854 
C70478FergusonWiley DrummondArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1539 
C83024FinchHugh EarnshawArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2601 
C43177FindlayWilliam FarquharArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/883, 3/883A 
C43264FitzgeraldGerald PatrickArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/187 
C110169FitzgeraldRobert Stevenson JordanArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4251 
C62320ForrestGavin AddieArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1776 
81131ForsythRobert LeslieArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C83122FosterPhilip StanleyArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2637 
C105974FraserThomas CampbellArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3956 
C43627FraserCharles StanleyArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/143 
C43682FrazerhurstJoseph LivingstoneArmySouth African War, 1899-1902, World War I, 1914-1918N/N, 3/579 
87804FultonRoland Arthur HertsletArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918N/N 
C43787FyffeWilliam KingtonArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/528 
C35198GavinNoel John HayArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C83119GibsonFrederick GoulburnArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2635 
C91587GibsonHarold RayArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3154 
84481GilliesHarold DelfArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-1945  
C63920GilmourBertram HazelwoodArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/825 
C114027GilmourJohn RitchieArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4294 
C44189GlasgowWilfred ThompsonArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/202 
C44284GoldsteinHerbert MyerArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1115, 3/1113 
C44292GoodHardman AllgoodArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1118 
C44344GordonColin HuntleyArmyWorld War I, 1914-19184/1327 
C44360GordonKenneth FarquharsonArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1116 
C91588GordonWilliam Patteson PollockArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3099 
C84358GouldHerbert LeslieArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2858 
C92718GowJohn GrahamArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3394 
177361GowerGeorge WilliamArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/2931, 37928 
87806GraceRichard Fairfax TukinoArmyWorld War I, 1914-191825055 
C100969GravesPhilip VernonArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-194552992 
C77467GrayTheodore GrantArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2522 
C109307GreensladeCharles MillsArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4254 
88156GriffenCyril James AnthonyArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
180162GriffinCyril James AnthonyArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C67289GunnElizabeth CatherineArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2062 
C83120GunnRoderick McKenzieArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2330 
88157GunsonEdward BurtonArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C6037GuthrieThomas ErrolArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1735 
C110144GuthrieJohnArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4302 
C34928GuthrieRobert NeilArmyWorld War I, 1914-19187/637 
C99500HallenArthur HerbertArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3667 
88899HardieThomas PhillipsArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C99445Hardwick-SmithHenryMerchant NavyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3820 
C115212HarperPhilip ThomasArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4348 
C91582HarpurThomas GeraldArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3155 
C6445HarrisRoyArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3071 
C108110HartWilliam DavidArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4253 
C45411HarveyArthur GeorgeArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/959 
C45419HarveyFrank NewnhamArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/409 
88159HaskinsBasilArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2924 
88161HaslettSelwyn LangstaffArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C6607HaworthAshley AstonArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3102 
88162HaySydney HartleyArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945, World War I, 1914-19183/2955, 801514 
C68031HayHerbert MillerArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1125 
C79094HayesEdwin ClaudeArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2537 
88595HerbertArthur StanleyArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C111012HerbertWilliam EdwardArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4293 
C36305HercusCharles ErnestArmyTerritorial Military Service, World War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/113A, 42586 
C6999HitchcockFrank Norman SpurrellArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1242 
C87902HockinMunro MayArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3100 
C91583HodgsonRonald George KeithArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3159 
C46114HoggRobert HenryArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/957 
88596HoggStanley WiltonArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C143789HolmdenHarry FosterArmyTerritorial Military Service, World War I, 1914-1918  
C32325HolmesMathewArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1 
C46210HomeGeorgeArmyWorld War I, 1914-191810/1093 
90816HopeThomas LewisArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, Territorial Military ServiceN/N 

The development of the Online Cenotaph is an ongoing process; updates, new images and records are added weekly. In some cases, records have yet to be confirmed by Museum staff, and there could be mistakes or omissions in the information provided.