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Advanced Dressing Station No.3 N.Z.F. Amb,Comer, Clement Edgar, artist,ca. 1918,PH-ALB-195-p34-1

Advanced Dressing Station No.3 N.Z.F. Amb,Comer, Clement Edgar, artist,ca. 1918,PH-ALB-195-p34-1

PH-ALB-195© No known copyright restrictions.

Medical prctioners of the First World War

In 2014, Dr Pat Clarkson, retired Neonatal Paedeatrician provided Online Cenotaph with a list of New Zealand medical practitioners who served in the First World War. A number of Doctors enlisted overseas and were therefore not included in the Nominal Rolls. As a result many of the records identified by Dr Clarkson were created as a result of her thorough research. The following sources were used to compiled this list, the New Zealand Medical Journal, “Historia Nunc Vivat” MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS IN NEW ZEALAND 1840 to 1930 by Rex Earl Wright-St Clair and web resources such as the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography.

The Online Cenotaph team has now been able to identify more than 450 medical practioners who served during this conflict.


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Displaying 301 - 400 of 459 records
PhotoFamily nameFirst namesForceWarsService # 
C36496O'NeillEugene JosephArmySouth African War, 1899-1902, World War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/182 
C35224O'SullivanAeneas William TolsterArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/218 
C52244OrbellRonald Graeme ScottArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945, World War I, 1914-19183/827 
C77469OrchardAlbert JohnArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2521 
C32613OwenHarold EdwardArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3170 
C52502ParkesWilliam HenryArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/712 
89739PatersonArthur ThomasArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3300 
C115239PatersonRandolph ElliotArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4305 
C12058PatersonWilliam FergusMerchant NavyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4277 
C100518PatersonHughArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3350 
C52756PearlessWalter RelfArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, South African War, 1899-19026/1146, N/N 
C94078PembertonCharles ArnoldArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3404 
C86146PetteyTomArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2868 
90743PettitWilliam HaddowArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
90740PettitThomas HaroldArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-1945, Jayforce, 1945-19483/2952, 801516 
C83045PickerillHenry PercyArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2961 
90744PigeonHugh WalterArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C87904PinfoldFrancis DewsburyArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2889 
C36069PorrittErnest EdwardArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2251 
90745PorteousWilliam JamesArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2935 
C53213PottingerJohn AlexanderArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1349 
90820PottingerDavid CharlesArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-194531624 
C53336PriorNorman HenryArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1243 
C34518PurchasArthur ChallinorArmyWorld War I, 1914-191812/286 
90750PurdyJames RobertArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
90751PutnamPhilip TimothyArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2002 
89478RawsonHerbert JackArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C130741RedpathGeorgeArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2950 
C53691ReedJames LewisArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1463 
C143917ReidWilliam DouglasArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C100954ReidJamesArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3662 
C69312ReidOswald JamesArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2118 
89479ReidWilliam JamiesonArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/1121, 818056 
C99496RendleC. E. RussellArmyWorld War I, 1914-191813/1058A 
89480RhindSydney DevenishArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-1945, Jayforce, 1945-19483/2921, 815538 
90819RiceHenry GouldingArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
89482RichardsJohn Frederick GwytherArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4083 
89637RobertonJames Basil WilkieArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-1945462018 
C75684RobertonErnestArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2480 
C54064RobertsonAlexanderArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1358 
C54073RobertsonCarrick HeyArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1359 
89638RobertsonHerbert DonaldArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/2918, 993 
C67280RobertsonGeorge HaroldArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2061 
89645RobertsonJames Herbert GrahamArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/2314, 2/5123, 5/5/1786 
C71065RobertsonWalter SneddonArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2207 
89335RocheEdward HenryArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C127559RogersJoseph ErnestArmySouth African War, 1899-1902, World War I, 1914-19184356, 2/5855a, 19552 
84029RogersReginald JamesArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/328 
C105975RossAlexander MartinArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/3907, 1/8/312, T3405 
90823RossJohnArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C110248RossKennethArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4299 
89728RoutCharles MalcolmArmyWorld War I, 1914-19185/3465 
C100519RowleyEverard OswaldArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3756 
C100993RuggHaroldArmyWorld War I, 1914-191857976 
C78170RussellGeraldMerchant NavyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2569 
C130506RussellGrace Matilda HettyArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C33306SaleJohn BonwellArmyTerritorial Military Service, World War I, 1914-19183/4316 
C54585SalmondKenneth GuthrieArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/444, 26151 
89838SandsteinAlfred CharlesArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C91635SatterthwaiteStanley MiddletonArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-194528942, 31825, 30286, 31825, 30286 
C14027SavageThomas CopelandArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/719 
C113239ScannellFrancis ArthurArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4276 
C54709ScannellWilliam GladstoneArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/330 
C130558ScottJessie AnneArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C54777ScottFrancis LidderdaleArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/721 
C79095ScoularStuartArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2539 
180207SelbyWilliam GilhomeArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C14193SerpellSamuel LlewellynArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2874 
C61869SharmanEdward WilliamArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2325 
89842ShawJohn PatrickArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C55151ShortAubrey VincentArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/183 
89846ShortThomas GordonArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C55154ShortHughArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/184 
C75685SimcoxJohn Edward LlewellynArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2481 
C89269SimmonsWilfred ThomasArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/3084 
89847SimpsonJames Charles DonaldsonArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C55270SimpsonJohn CormackArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, Territorial Military Service3/445 
C55281SimpsonWilliam HamiltonArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/748 
C68856SimpsonWilliam HenryArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/2119 
C14486SinclairWilliam SmithArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/446 
90300SingerArthur LeonardArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/2932 
C115849SkermanS.ArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
89860SmithSydney AlfredArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
79745SouthHaroldArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
83602SowerbyWilliamArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3296 
C55806SpeddingLeslie AlanArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/747 
C84355SpeddingIvan NormanArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/2860 
C26403SpencerFrederick MontgomeryArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945, World War I, 1914-19183/227, 31141 
C109306SteeleHenry Lionel HughesArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/4273 
89863StenhouseJames Scott JacksonArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C91586StephensonRalph StuartArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/3166 
81676SteuartRoger St ClairArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
81682SteuartRoger St ClairArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C56162StewartJames GarfieldArmyWorld War I, 1914-191814/79 
89864StewartPercy Peter JamesArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
89865StewartWilliamArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  
C56279StoutThomas Duncan McGregorArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-19453/3, 31441 
C56278StoutRobertArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/879A, 3/879 
C56283StoweWilliam ReginaldArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1360 
89866StringerLouis BruceArmyWorld War I, 1914-1918  

The development of the Online Cenotaph is an ongoing process; updates, new images and records are added weekly. In some cases, records have yet to be confirmed by Museum staff, and there could be mistakes or omissions in the information provided.