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Commemorative Plaque, Tuapa-Uhomutu Returned Soldiers, WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Tuapa, Niue Island

Commemorative Plaque, Tuapa-Uhomutu Returned Soldiers, WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Tuapa, Niue Island

Photo P. Haynes 2009© CC BY 4.0

Niuean Service Personnel

After the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 the people of Niue offered a contingent to serve with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF). This offer was taken up in mid-1915 when difficulties were being experienced in obtaining enough reinforcements for the NZEF's Māori Contingent. The 150-strong contingent sailed for New Zealand on 13 October 1915. In New Zealand the Niueans underwent training at the Narrow Neck Camp in Auckland. They sailed for Egypt in February 1916 with the 3rd Maori Reinforcements.

Service personnel of Niuean descent also enlisted in the New Zealand Defence Force during WWII and later conflicts. 

The list is a work in progress. Please contact the Online Cenotaph team if you are aware of an individual of Niuean descent that is not represented on this list.

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Displaying 1 - 100 of 332 records
PhotoFamily nameFirst namesForceWarsService # 
C120583AikenHoward WilliamArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945391457 
C120700AlexanderHarcourt MontgomeryArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945598590 
C158AllanMakeArmyWorld War I, 1914-19183/1379 
C31941Alotau ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1030 
C120680AndrewFrank RobertArmyWorld War II, 1939-194547477 
C129518Apelila ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1031 
C120838ArcherClifford Elwyn ThomasArmyWorld War II, 1939-194542821 
C36008ArmstrongJeffery BlythArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945516642 
C120922BainbridgeKenneth MooreArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945442234 
C120991BakerGeorge LivingstonArmyWorld War II, 1939-194569086 
C120992BerminghamAlfred BuckleyArmyWorld War II, 1939-194547046 
C120990BlackKenneth RupertArmyWorld War II, 1939-194546164 
169938BlairRoderick HectorArmyWorld War II, 1939-194585840 
C120923BlairRoderick HectorArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945085840 
C120989BreeseJoseph ThomasArmyWorld War II, 1939-194547405 
C121084CameronWilliam MichealArmyWorld War II, 1939-194549489 
C121066CampbellLincoln GeorgeArmyWorld War II, 1939-194547743 
C121079CardwellGeorge MurrayArmyWorld War II, 1939-194548025 
C121080CarterWalter BruceArmyWorld War II, 1939-194546842 
C121032CaveJohn ButlerArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945089440 
C121081ClarkRonald ArchibaldArmyWorld War II, 1939-194547406 
C121083ClarksonSamuel LewisArmyWorld War II, 1939-194571671 
C121086ComberPatrick JosephArmyWorld War II, 1939-194572900 
C121082ConnollyJohn AlexanderArmyWorld War II, 1939-194563404 
C121087ConnorJohn EarleArmyWorld War II, 1939-194573176 
C121031CossinsJack MartinArmyWorld War II, 1939-194570209 
C121085CraneRobert George StanleyArmyWorld War II, 1939-194568908 
C85702CunninghamErnest JosephArmyWorld War I, 1914-191838671 
C121158DalleyHarley GeorgeArmyWorld War II, 1939-194543158 
C121118DalyHarry PatrickArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945232986 
C121119DeeSamuel FrancisArmyWorld War II, 1939-19457318 
C121156DeemingAraunah LewisArmyWorld War II, 1939-194523967 
C121157DelaneyPatrick John DempseyArmyWorld War II, 1939-194544636 
C121155DonaldsonJohnArmyWorld War II, 1939-194547425 
C130977DonneGaven JohnArmyWorld War II, 1939-194566078 
C121229EastonKevin JohnArmyWorld War II, 1939-194547408 
C121228EdhouseGordon VincentArmyWorld War II, 1939-194547715 
C121236EdlinLionel CliftonArmyWorld War II, 1939-194543144 
C121233EdwardsVernon FrancisArmyWorld War II, 1939-194571630 
C34027Elone ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1032 
C121232EnglishJohnArmyWorld War II, 1939-194570749 
C121188EvansRoyce LeonardArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945239136 
C34028Fakahoa ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1035 
C34029Fakalagakai ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1041 
C34030Fakauka ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1040 
C34031Falaile ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1037 
C34032Falaoa ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1044 
C34033Faletogia ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1038 
C34034Fanatoa ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1036 
C34035Fanavai ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1043 
C121191FarrantLeonard VictorArmyWorld War II, 1939-194530124 
C142915FasceneTerra NovaArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945620985 
C34012FaseneDawsonArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1034 
C34036Fata ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1348 
C34037Fatamaka ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1042 
C34038Fati ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1039 
C121235FergusonIanArmyWorld War II, 1939-194543145 
C4807Filitoua ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1046 
C121234FindlaterJames RobertArmyWorld War II, 1939-194543384 
C34039Finiki ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1047 
C121189FisherNorman JohnArmyWorld War II, 1939-194543577 
C121231FlynnJohn JosephArmyWorld War II, 1939-194546043 
C34040Fohetaha ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1045 
C34072FolauMakapa MakaArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1086 
180583FolitanSinoArmyWorld War I, 1914-191892011 
C121227FowlerLloyd GrahamArmyWorld War II, 1939-194547718 
C121230FraserDonald RoderickArmyWorld War II, 1939-19453210 
C121190FullerNeil WardArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945580741 
C121361GabitesReginald EricArmyWorld War II, 1939-194571021 
C121280GerrardLeonard JamesArmyWorld War II, 1939-194581101 
C24499GiffordEmil AlgernonAir ForceWorld War II, 1939-1945NZ414099, 414099 
C35293GodsmarkAlfred GilbertArmyWorld War I, 1914-191840542 
C121282GreenAlan DouglasArmyWorld War II, 1939-194572543 
C121285GriffithsCyril RaymondArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945391325 
119071GulliverWalterArmyWorld War II, 1939-194532735 
C34041Gumaka ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1048 
C34042Gutupulega ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1049 
C84836HallerMickArmyWorld War I, 1914-191820717 
C121358HalloranThomas WalterArmyWorld War II, 1939-194571676 
C121287HamiltonJack WalterArmyWorld War II, 1939-194566713 
C34043HarryPurie DaviArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1371 
C45359HarrysJackArmyWorld War I, 1914-191813/2202 
C121281HawkinsPercy GeorgeArmyWorld War II, 1939-194572610 
C117511HeadHector AllenArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945061830 
C35768HeadCharlesArmyWorld War I, 1914-191869083 
C34044Hegatuki ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1051 
C34011Hemu ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1052 
C121284HerdJohn AlexanderArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945444056 
C121357HerronWilliam George RichardArmyWorld War II, 1939-194547495 
88757Heti ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1050 
C12191HipaPeniArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1115 
C34013Hipa ArmyWorld War I, 1914-191816/1053 
C121363HobsonWilliam MartinArmyWorld War II, 1939-194574553 
C121279HoganFrancis ArthurArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945293721 
111006HopotoaSimeiArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945810714 
C121283HoranThomas DermotArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945473963 
C121360HowlandAllan ElgaArmyWorld War II, 1939-194568871 
C121359HughesVictor FrancisArmyWorld War II, 1939-194549564 
C121362HunterJohn HallArmyWorld War II, 1939-194544658 
C121286HurleyKennethArmyWorld War II, 1939-1945120660 

The development of the Online Cenotaph is an ongoing process; updates, new images and records are added weekly. In some cases, records have yet to be confirmed by Museum staff, and there could be mistakes or omissions in the information provided.