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Graeme Douglas Peat

Preliminary record

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B. Coy 1 NZ REGT MALAYA 1961-62-63. Back Row L. to R. Pte TeAmo PW. Pte Hapi RP. Pte Wilson RW. Pte Bevan M. Cpl Noon SF. L/Cpl Pangari PM. Pte Barrar FM. Pte Culshaw JF. Pte Nuix MM. Pte Wineera TR. Pte Moverley CP. Pte .Gibbes LE. Pte Mathews WM. Pte Hamon K. Pte Ferguson DG. Pte Harris PS. Pte Lane RG. Pte Heise JS.
4th Row: Pte Hohepa H. Pte Lockett IB. Pte Allott SJ. Pte Jones PR. Pte Kopa MT. L/Cpl Hemana MK. L/Cpl Pawson AD. L/Cpl Pirini DW. Pte Tioke T. Pte Whibley JS. Pte Peat GD. L/Cpl Ashton BD. Pte Ferguson CD. Pte Turner RC. Pte Walker TN. Pte Renney RB. Pte Kavanagh WS. Pte Curnmings LC. Pte Arthur TM. Pte Holwell NA. Pte Karipa J.
3rd Row: Pte Deazley PM. Pte Ranginui RW. Pte Way MD. Pte Neal L. Pte Gallagher JP. Pte Grant RW. L/Cpl Nicholls TTH. Pte Halbert W. Pte Wiki Pte Pungatara PB. Pte Edwards AS. Pte O'Brien WW. Pte Oakes WL. Pte Knapp HL. Pte Ryall JB. Pte Rungarunga TP. Pte Scott RJ. Pte Thornton SR. Pte Tamihana HH. Pte Morrison PA. L/Cpl Cooke MR. Pte Walters M. Pte Killgour TS.
2nd Row: Pte Niho Niho TP, Pte Keno R. Pte Collins RD. Pte Morrison EA. Pte Tumataroa B. Pte Aston J. Pte Wells AF. L/Cpl Kiwi Kiwi RW. Pte McGhee PD. Pte Williams Ml. Pte Mauger EG. Pte Matchitt E. Pte Rowlands R. Pte Adank LF. Pte Mears NE. Pte Michie WJ. Pte Coutts LG. Pte Best PM. Pte Pu WH. Cpl Shepherd RH. Pte Owen TW. Pte Te Haara R. L/Cpl Daniels FW. L/Cpl Brosnahan T.
Front Row: L/Cpl Grace HC. L/Cpl Avey TA. L/Cpl Douglas AB. Cpl Pilcher TTA. Sgt Don AJ. Sgt Mckenzie RF. Sgt Edwards MH. Lt BD Sinclair. Capt TG Martin. Maj WG Pike. W02 O'Brien CG.2Lt MH Devlin. 2Lt RA. Monks. Sgt Packer AW. Sgt Taylor LM. Cpl Cribb S. Cpl Wedderburn R. L/Cpl Wheeler PJ. LAI WAH PHOTO. MALACCA. Image Image kindly provided by Bill Russell, Vice President of the Malayan Veterans Association (December 2020).

B. Coy 1 NZ REGT MALAYA 1961-62-63. Back Row L. to R. Pte TeAmo PW. Pte Hapi RP. Pte Wilson RW. Pte …


  • Title
  • Forenames
    Graeme Douglas AWMM
  • Surname
    Peat AWMM
  • Ingoa
  • Also known as
    G. D. Peat AWMM
  • Service number
    • Malaya 975847 AWMM
    • Vietnam 975847 AWMM
  • Gender
    Male AWMM
  • Iwi / Hapū / Waka / Rohe
  • Religion

Civilian life

About birth

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  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Birth notes
  • Address before enlistment
  • Post war occupation
  • Next of kin on embarkation
  • Relationship status


Wars and conflicts

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Military decorations

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  • Medals and Awards
    • Military Medal (MM) AWMM
      NZ Gazette Number 20 dated 2 April 1970 CITATION Private Peat enlisted in the Regular Army in May 1968. After a period of training in New Zealand he was posted to 1st Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment as an assault pioneer. In November 1968 he was posted with Whisky Two Company to the Republic of Vietnam. On the 23rd July 19691 Pte Peat was the assault pioneer member of a ten-man patrol from Whisky Two Company engaged in pacification operations. At 1610 hours a mine was detonated killing the section commander instantly and wounding five others including Pte Peat. Despite his serious wounds, Pte Peat immediately took charge and started to clear the area around the wounded so that they could be treated and the surviving members of the patrol could move about. He next cleared a helicopter landing pad and a safe lane to it for the evacuation of the wounded. Throughout it was evident that Pte Peat was in great pain. He refused medical aid and insisted that it be directed to his wounded fellows. He resisted all attempts made to relieve him of his mine clearing tasks and insisted that as the patrol pioneer he continue with them. On learning that a ground relief party was approaching Pte Peat then cleared a safe lane for it. By this time Pte Peat was near collapse and he handed over his equipment to a pioneer in the relief party. Because of his actions Pte Peat hastened the treatment and evacuation of his wounded fellows. He undoubtedly saved their lives and those of the remaining members of the patrol. His leadership, courage and determination for nearly two hours in this dangerous situation were the more marked because of his own serious wounds. He endangered his own life by refusing medical aid and by persisting with his duties. Pte Peat’s conduct was exemplary and an outstanding example of devotion to duty. Additional Notes to the Citation Whisky Two Company continued its support for the pacification program in Dat Do and along Route 4, until by 20 July, it had begun to dominate its operating area. The VC attempted to disrupt the firm control being exercised by Whisky Company. On the 23rd July 19692, a ten man patrol commanded by Cpl J W Radford was moving around the outskirts of the hamlet Ap Lo Gom when it was involved in a mine incident. The mine had been placed in a site selected by Whisky Company for an ambush and its detonation resulted in three Kiwis, Cpl JW Radford; Pte TN Hollows; and Pte A Hawthorne being killed and three more being wounded: Pte’s GW Peat; J Harrison and EJ McKenzie. Pte Peat was an assault pioneer attached to the patrol. In spite of great pain from his wounds he had immediately taken on the task of clearing an area around the wounded. He refused medical treatment and cleared a safe lane to a helicopter landing point in order that the other wounded men could be treated and swiftly evacuated. The mine explosion was heard at FSPB Thrust and a party led by CSM Support Company (WO2 R Godfrey) and Sgt A McLean of the Aslt Pnr Platoon moved in APC’s to assist the Dustoff helicopter to land and was in the process of clearing a safe lane for the relief party. The wounded men were loaded into the helicopter and only then did Sgt McLean notice that Pte Peat looked very pale and was staggering. He was immediately treated and evacuated. For his unselfish placement of the needs of others in front of his own safety and for his personal bravery, Pte Peat was awarded the Military Medal (MM) AWMM
    • New Zealand Operational Service Medal AWMM
    • Vietnam Medal AWMM

Training and Enlistment

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Prisoner of war

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Medical history

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Last known rank

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Biographical information

Biographical information

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  • 6RAR history shows posted to Spt Coy. Wounded in action, 23 July 1969 – mine at Ap Lo Gom on Route 44. Read citation for MM. AWMM


About death

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  • Graeme was wounded in action on 23 July 1969 and was awarded the Military Medal during his service in the Vietnam War. LEST WE FORGET



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  • External links
  • References
    • Subritsky, M. (Ed). (1995). The Vietnam scrapbook: The second ANZAC adventure. Papakura, N.Z.: Three Feathers Publishing Co. AWMM
    • Hall, C. (2014). No front line : inside stories of New Zealand's Vietnam War. Auckland, New Zealand : Penguin Books. AWMM
    • This record was created from data kindly provided by the New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage. AWMM
    • 1NZR Roll 1961-1963 - Bill Russell, Malayan Veterans Association Scrapbook – 40th Anniversary edition. AWMM

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