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Edward Browne

  • Nama hōia
    WWI 12/1163 AWMM
  • Ingoa kārangaranga
    Ted Browne AWMM
  • Te Ope o Tū / te peka
    Army AWMM
  • Te tūnga whakamutunga
  • Pakanga
E.C. Browne, portrait, the photo appears to have been taken in England as it has 'Stuart, Photographer, 47-49 Brompton Road and 159 High Road, Balham' on the reverse - No known copyright restrictions

E.C. Browne, portrait, the photo appears to have been taken in England as it has 'Stuart, Photograph …


  • Taitara
  • Ngā ingoa tuatahi
    Edward AWMM
  • Ingoa whānau
    Browne AWMM
  • Ingoa
  • Ingoa kārangaranga
    Ted Browne AWMM
  • Nama hōia
    WWI 12/1163 AWMM
  • Ira tangata
    Male AWMM
  • Iwi
  • Hapū
  • Waka
  • Rohe
  • Pono

Tauoranga kirirarau

Te whānautanga

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Whānautanga mai
    25 Hakihea 1888 AWMM Port AlbertKaipara Harbour AWMM
  • Rā i whānau mai ai
  • Wāhi Whānau
  • Tuhinga mō te whānautanga
  • Wāhi noho i mua i te whakaurunga
    Pre 26 Whiringa ā-nuku 1914 AWMM Okaha, Dargaville, New Zealand AWMM
  • Mahi whai muri i te pakanga
  • Uri kiritahi i te wā o te ekenga waka
    Mrs Gertrude Browne (mother), Grassmere, Dominion Road, Auckland, New Zealand AWMM
  • Mēnā he hoa rangatira tōna
    Pre 14 Hakihea 1914 AWMM Single AWMM

Ope taua

Ngā pakanga me ngā whawhai

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Pakanga
  • Kauhanga riri
    • 1915-1916 Gallipoli AWMM
    • 1914-1919 Western Front AWMM
  • Te Ope o Tū / te peka
    Army AWMM
  • Nama hōia
    WWI 12/1163 AWMM
  • Urunga ki te ope taua
    Coromandel Rifles (3 years) AWMM
  • Whakapikinga / Tukunga / Whakawhitinga

Ngā tohu taumata rau ope taua

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Mētara me ngā Tohu

Te Whakangungu me te Urunga atu

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Whakangungu ope taua
    Trentham AWMM
  • Branch Trade Proficiency
  • Te urunga
    WW1 26 Whiringa ā-nuku 1914 AWMM
    Age 25 AWMM
    Grocer/Civilian AWMM
  • Mahi i mua i te ekenga waka
  • Pakeke i te whakaurunga

Te maha o ngā ekenga waka

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›

Mauhere o te pakanga

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Kia mau ki ngā taipitopito
  • Ngā rā i mauherehia ai
  • Rā i puta ai
  • Te rā i whakahokia atu ngā hōia i mauherehia ai
  • Ngā kōrero mō te puta i te mauhere pakanga
  • Nama motuhake mō te mauhere pakanga

Whakapapa hauora

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Tuhinga hauora
    • Hospital Diseases , Wounds, WWI AWMM
      Wounded at Gallipoli and France. AWMM
    • Hospital Diseases , Wounds, WWI AWMM
      Admitted to hospitals in Birmingham, Epsom and Lincoln. AWMM
    • Died from Natural Causes, Cause of Death AWMM
      Died of natural causes AWMM

Te tūnga whakamutunga e mōhiotia ana

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Te tūnga whakamutunga

Kōrero taurongo

Kōrero taurongo

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Was a member of the landing party that landed in Gallipoli at 8am on 25 April 1915.

    The following are transcripts of letters written on the back of photo/postcards sent by Edward Browne to his mother and brother, a digital copy is attached to this record. Letter written during the war to George (brother?). Dear George, Here is my answer to your welcome letter. You ought to consider yourself lucky that you can stay at home, for being a soldier even under most favourable conditions is not much of a game. As it is under existing conditions, you are well out of it. The men are pretty well fed up with the game here now and there is a lot of discontent in camp. We get nothing but stew, stew here with the occasional change in the shape of a chop. But I suppose it will be worse on the boat next week. We are, as you no doubt know, going to Egypt and there we will stay I think. You must stay at home and look after the girls now. So Archie is getting in a good word. Well that is alright and if he wins out all the more luck to him.Well George I will have to stop as I have a letter from Jim, one from Stella and one from Eileen to answer. Write soon. From Ted.

    To his mother he wrote: Dear Mother, Here am I in the bayonet fighting costume with one of the boys in our tent. The others [photos] were taken at different times and I am sending one for Eva and one for Archie. Thank you so much for the cake. It was great. We quite enjoyed it and also the scones. I had a letter from Stella today and I have about six others here to answer. I don't know when I'll get them all done. But I'll make a postcard night of it tonight and write you a long letter tomorrow night. There is not much fear of me trying the drink. I see the effect it has on others and I want to come back again to N.Z. We will never see Germany. We might see active service in Egypt but even that is doubtful. Well I'll say good-night this time. from your aff. son Ted.'

    Dear Mother. This is a photo of I again. What do you think of it. I have not had time to write a letter because they are more than rubbing it in now. We had night work twice last week and a route march of 9 or ten miles on Saturday. I expect that I will receive a letter from you tonight. I was in Wellington on Saturday and saw Dump Pearce. He is coming out on Sunday.One of my chums is coming up on Saturday next and if you will get Eva to make a good batch of date scones and give him when he comes down. He will come out when he gets there. Well the order to fall in is out. Will write tonight. So for now tata from your loving son Ted.'

    Married a third cousin - Stella Jackson in May 1920. Because of ill health in 1923, family went to live in Karekare and later Piha on West Coast, Auckland.

    Five brothers served in World War 1, 4 were killed - Arthur (81637), Edward (12/1163), Archibald (48440), William (6/2489) and James (13/2163); only Edward (12/1163) survived.

    There is a monument in the Waikumete Cemetery which has the names of all the brothers, their service numbers, age and the date of death.

    Coronary. Died aged 81 years 11 months AWMM
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  • Matenga
    2 Hakihea 1970 AWMM
    Age 81 AWMM
  • Rā i mate ai
  • Pakeke i te matenga
  • Wāhi Mate
  • Te momo matenga
  • Tuhipoka mō te matenga
  • Urupā
    Cremated at Waikumete Crematorium, Glen Eden, Auckland, New Zealand AWMM Family Grave Memorial, Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland AWMM
  • Ingoa o te urupā
  • Tohutoro kōhatu urupā
  • Pānui Matenga
  • Ingoa maumaharatanga
  • Tohutoro maumaharatanga

Ngā maumaharatanga


Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Ingoa maumaharatanga
    • Roll of Honour, Port Albert Public School, Port Albert Hall, Rodney, New Zealand AWMM
    • Kingsland Methodist Trinity Church Roll of Honour 1914-1918, 400 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021 AWMM

Rārangi Ingoa Whai Hōnore

Maumahara Edward Browne mā te whakatakoto i te papi

Waiho atu he tuhinga

Waiho atu he poroporoaki, he maumaharatanga ki a Edward Browne

Waiho atu he tuhinga

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Ngā mātāwai

Ngā mātāwai

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Hononga ki waho
  • Ngā tuhinga
    • New Zealand Army Expeditionary Force. (1914-1919). Nominal Rolls of New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Volume I. Wellington, N.Z.: Govt. Printer. AWMM
      Vol1: 87 AWMM
    • Western Leader AWMM
      Western Leader 9 May 2003. The Western Leader is a local newspaper in the Auckland region. AWMM
    • Beattie, P.J. & Pomeroy, M. (2013-2020). Onward : portraits of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (vols 1-5). Auckland, New Zealand: Fair Dinkum Publications AWMM
      Vol. 3: Includes portrait AWMM
    • The Fields of Remembrance Trust: Brothers Field, Auckland Museum (Armistice, 2018) AWMM
    • Scadden, J. (2018). Broken branches : New Zealand families who lost three or more children in the Great War. AWMM
    • Information kindly provided by family AWMM

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