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Robert Freeland

  • Nama hōia
    29311 AWMM
  • Ingoa kārangaranga
    Bob AWMM
  • Te Ope o Tū / te peka
    Army AWMM
  • Te tūnga whakamutunga
  • Pakanga
Group photograph of a reunion for the Christian returned servicemen c.1960s. Image kindly provided by Paul Baker. This image may be subject to copyright.

Group photograph of a reunion for the Christian returned servicemen c.1960s. Image kindly provided b …


  • Taitara
  • Ngā ingoa tuatahi
    Robert AWMM
  • Ingoa whānau
    Freeland AWMM
  • Ingoa
  • Ingoa kārangaranga
    Bob AWMM
  • Nama hōia
    29311 AWMM
  • Ira tangata
    Male AWMM
  • Iwi
  • Hapū
  • Waka
  • Rohe
  • Pono

Tauoranga kirirarau

Te whānautanga

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  • Whānautanga mai
    25 Hakihea 1910 Public Source
  • Rā i whānau mai ai
    25/12/1910 Public - Rosemary - Other relative - 15 July 2017 - New Zealand Death Index for Robert Freeland
  • Wāhi Whānau
    Torry, ABERDEEN, Kincardineshire, Scotland Public - Rosemary - Other relative - 15 July 2017 - 12/06/1925, Passenger List, leaving London, UK for Wellington New Zealand with his Mother, Mrs C Freeland and siblings, John: Elspet/Elsie: Robert & Williamina
  • Tuhinga mō te whānautanga
    Parents: John Freeland & Christina Freeland, nee Walker. Married 10/09/1895 in South Harbour Place, Public - Rosemary - Other relative - 15 July 2017 - Register of Marriages in the District of Peterhead in the County of Aberdeen
  • Wāhi noho i mua i te whakaurunga
    Unknown AWMM 39 Mountain View Road, Morningside, Auckland, New Zealand AWMM
  • Mahi whai muri i te pakanga
  • Uri kiritahi i te wā o te ekenga waka
    Mrs C. Freeland (mother), 39 Mountain View Road, Morningside, Auckland, New Zealand AWMM
  • Mēnā he hoa rangatira tōna
    Unknown AWMM Single AWMM

Ope taua

Ngā pakanga me ngā whawhai

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  • Pakanga
  • Kauhanga riri
    • Pacific Theatre of War AWMM
    • Mono Island AWMM
  • Te Ope o Tū / te peka
    Army AWMM
  • Nama hōia
    29311 AWMM
  • Urunga ki te ope taua
  • Whakapikinga / Tukunga / Whakawhitinga

Ngā tohu taumata rau ope taua

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  • Mētara me ngā Tohu

Te Whakangungu me te Urunga atu

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›

Te maha o ngā ekenga waka

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›

Mauhere o te pakanga

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Kia mau ki ngā taipitopito
  • Ngā rā i mauherehia ai
  • Rā i puta ai
  • Te rā i whakahokia atu ngā hōia i mauherehia ai
  • Ngā kōrero mō te puta i te mauhere pakanga
  • Nama motuhake mō te mauhere pakanga

Whakapapa hauora

Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Tuhinga hauora

Te tūnga whakamutunga e mōhiotia ana

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  • Te tūnga whakamutunga

Kōrero taurongo

Kōrero taurongo

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  • He was a member of the Wiremu Street Bible Chapel, 4 Wiremu Street, Balmoral, Auckland (Open Brethren)

    Alfred Eason (500570), Bob Freeland (29311), and Joe Setters (74861) were part of the 3rd Division who retook Mono Island from the Japanese in October 1943.

    He helped rebuild the church at Mono Island after October 1943, and attended the rededication service.

    The battles for Guadalcanal in 1942 between the American and Japanese navies was the start of the most ferocious campaign in history.The Americans entered this campaign with inaccurate maps and some, including Major-General Alexander Vanegrift who was in command, not knowing where the Solomon Islands were.However they acquired skills which were to prove essential to later victories in the Pacific. It was a difficult campaign due to multiple factors such as the isolation, heat, dense jungle, lack of basic infra-structure and the great distances between base and supplies, and the front line. Though largely a US naval and military struggle, New Zealand's contribution was important.New Zealand was involved in the battle as it was imperative that the Japanese advance on the Pacific be stopped or they would have reached New Zealand.New Zealand's main contribution was in the form of the 3 NZ Division.The Forward Maintenance Centre (advanced base) was joined by the 14 Brigade on 27 August 1943, Divisional troops and units on 2 September and the 8 Brigade on 14 September 1943.New Zealand troops were involved in a number of battles was they moved up the Solomon's gaining control of islands as they went.The 14 Brigade and HQ 3 Division landed on Vella Lavella on 18 September 1943,and on Green (Nissan) Island on 15 February 1944, and the 8 Brigade landed on Mono Island on 27 October 1943. The capture of Mono Island would provide a radar site to cover the Bougainville landings and its harbour was ideal as a staging area for ships during the invasion. At no time did all of New Zealand 3 Division fight together due to the cross over of the battles. Other New Zealand troops were also involved, such as the NZ Engineers in road and airstrip construction (on the very underdeveloped islands, especially Guadalcanal), as well as support from the signals and medical corps and transport and air support.

    A typed sympathy letter from Sergeant R. Freeland to Mrs Pearson, whose son was killed by mortar fire on Mono Island, is on exhibit in the 'War in the Pacific' of Scars on the Heart gallery, Auckland War Memorial Museum.

    37mm ‘Japanese’ Mountain Gun (W1031.4). Captured on the day of the landing by members of the 36th Battalion under the command of Lieutenant. Les Booth, 29.10.1943 is on display in Scars on the Heart gallery, Auckland War Memorial Museum. AWMM
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  • Matenga
    5 Hereturikōkā 1999 AWMM
    Three KingsAuckland City AWMM
  • Rā i mate ai
  • Pakeke i te matenga
  • Wāhi Mate
  • Te momo matenga
  • Tuhipoka mō te matenga
  • Urupā
    Papakura Public Cemetery, Great South Road and Settlement Road, Papakura, New Zealand AWMM
  • Ingoa o te urupā
  • Tohutoro kōhatu urupā
  • Pānui Matenga
    Death notice: New Zealand Herald, 9 August 1999 AWMM
  • Ingoa maumaharatanga
  • Tohutoro maumaharatanga

Ngā maumaharatanga


Tāpirihia he kōrero ›
  • Ingoa maumaharatanga

Rārangi Ingoa Whai Hōnore

Maumahara Robert Freeland mā te whakatakoto i te papi

Waiho atu he tuhinga

Waiho atu he poroporoaki, he maumaharatanga ki a Robert Freeland

Waiho atu he tuhinga

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Ngā mātāwai

Ngā mātāwai

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  • Hononga ki waho
  • Ngā tuhinga
    • Information kindly provided by family AWMM
      Military Service Record AWMM
    • Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force. (1945). Nominal Roll Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force No. 10 (Embarkations from 1st January, 1943 to 31st March, 1943). Wellington, N.Z.: Govt. Printer. AWMM
      WW2 10: WW2 29 AWMM
    • Swallow, F. (1996). From seed to harvest: Wiremu Street Chapel 1921 - 1996. Auckland, N.Z.: Wiremu Street Chapel (Christian Brethren), Balmoral. AWMM
      p. 70; p. 71 list Chapel members in the WW2 armed forces AWMM
    • The New Zealand Herald AWMM
      Death notice: New Zealand Herald, 9 August 1999 AWMM

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15 Hōngongoi 2017RosemaryLowestoft, Suffolk, United KingdomOther relative

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