History is created every day. One of our jobs at Auckland Museum is to look at what is happening around us in the present day and to collect and preserve objects, photographs and documents that will help us tell the story of “now” in the future. 


The Covid-19 pandemic, which has changed all of our lives, will be a defining moment of our time. Auckland Museum is therefore collecting material to document this event and its impact. Our focus is to collect stories of this pandemic from Auckland and the surrounding regions, including photographs objects, arts and crafts, and material like posters and signs. 

We need your help!

We need your help!

We are actively collecting in some key areas but we are also seeking donations from you, the public, of items that reflect the various ways this pandemic has impacted and changed the lives of Aucklanders. 

We are interested in objects, photographs and documents that reflect: life in lockdown; how we are connecting and creating community while in a state of quarantine; issues we are debating; personal protective equipment and how we are protecting ourselves; creativity while in lockdown. 

Some examples of the kinds of things we might collect:

Objects - signs, household items that reflect life under lockdown  and social distancing measures,, items created by Auckland businesses, artwork and crafts, Anzac Day and Easter at home, and objects that represent community projects and initiatives.   

Documents - Personal documents such as diaries (digitally recorded or analogue) that document adaptation and “the new normal” of daily life during this time; and postcards, letters, or emails that reflect how people are communicating and connecting with others while in this time of forced separation.

Ephemera - items like posters, signs, flyers that reflect public communication regarding COVID-19. We are interested in everything from handmade signs/messages placed in windows to official communication received in the letterbox. 

Pictorial -  photography, painting, drawing. Works that convey a response to life in a bubble. What images have you created whilst staying safe in your bubble and why?. We are looking for images that tell us about  the unusual everyday life we have been living in our bubbles during this time. 

How to submit items

How to submit items

To submit items for consideration please complete and submit our Object Offer form along with any relevant photographs of the offered material and any information on the item's use and its significance to you to covidcollect@aucklandmuseum.com. See here for further detail about the donation process. 

Please note that, for a variety of reasons, we cannot accept all proposed donations; we must take into account existing holdings, and the object's relevance to our collection development plans. 

For more information about how and why Auckland Museum collects contemporary material check out the blog Craft and Protest: Collecting the Women’s March.