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Commemorate from Home

Due to the ongoing Omicron outbreak, we knew many New Zealanders would want to commemorate from home. This page brings you a range of additional ways to engage in remembrance. 

For information on this year's in-person services at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, click here.

Things to do

Explore creative ways your household can get involved this Anzac Day

Things to watch

Discover Auckland Museum's original videos

Things to read

As Auckland's War Memorial Museum we work year round to commemorate our service personnel through new articles and stories. 

100 years of Poppy Day

1922 - 2022

100 years of Poppy Day

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Poppy Day. The red poppy has become a symbol of war remembrance the world over, and New Zealand they are worn in the days surrounding Anzac Day, but where did this tradition come from - and what does it mean?

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Anzac Articles

Read a selection of articles exploring moments in Anzac history, and the personal stories behind them.