Auckland Museum aspires to be the ‘Museum of choice’ for those who want to work in a New Zealand Museum.  The people who are employed here are driven by passion and a commitment to the Museum’s purpose and values.  They are Kaitiaki and caretakers of the Museum, its collection, and the stories of Auckland and New Zealand.

The investment we make in our people reflects their importance. We recognise that they are an institutional treasure and an important resource to New Zealand.

Our principle of manaakitanga guides us to care for our people.  We provide a work environment that honours their contribution, performance and personal aspirations.  We are committed to investing in the professional development of individuals, while building the capability of the organisation and New Zealand’s Cultural and Heritage sector.

Many of our people have grown their careers significantly during their time at the Museum. Some have gone on to leadership roles in other national and international institutions, carrying with them the stories and treasures of Auckland Museum.

Our culture is inclusive and collegial, with a diversity that represents the many cultural communities of Auckland.  We are committed to sustainability of the Museum community in New Zealand by attracting and retaining the most capable and talented people, and through supporting their achievement and development.  We believe in offering flexibility where possible, encouraging freedom of creativity and expression.

Our people work hard and are driven by a passion for the Museum’s purpose.  We are big advocates for having fun and developing friendships among whanau, and we are supportive of wellness at work.

If you work here you can expect to experience:

  • A Māori dimension imbedded in people policies and practices
  • A place where all people are able to succeed, regardless of race, religion or gender
  • Leadership at all levels of the organisation
  • Challenge and accountability
  • Opportunities to develop professionally, demonstrate accountability and contribute to Future Museum and the Culture and Heritage sector
  • Understanding and care for your commitments and interests at work, home and in the community
  • Investment in your training, skills and leadership development
  • Support for your wellness at work
  • Fun, friendship and support


On top of all that, you will get to work among the artefacts, the taonga and treasures of this Museum; you will have an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of people who visit and work at Tāmaki Paenga Hira; and you will work with people who are committed and passionate about what they do.