Are We There Yet?

Women and Equality
in Aotearoa


Are We There Yet? celebrates the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Aotearoa - but how far has New Zealand really come since women gained the vote?

This contemporary exhibition uses the historic anniversary as a springboard to examine the successes and speed-bumps of gender equality so far, and where to next. Equal pay, reproductive rights, gendered violence, online trolling, legal rights and body image are all up for discussion and interrogation.

Photographs of trailblazers, ground-breaking marches, and posters and publications from the Museum’s collection will be on display, including rarely-shown photography by Gil Hanly, Emily Lear and Robin Morrison. A short-film directed by renowned filmmaker Gaylene Preston has been created especially for Are We There Yet?

Share your experiences and thoughts in this participatory exhibition.


Image: Women's rights and human rights, 21 January 2017. Photographed by Emily Lear.

Are We There Yet?  is full of women who have touched our lives through what they’ve done or what they’ve said or what they’ve stood up for. Of course there are thousands more women who inspire us every day.

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Brought to you by The Spinoff in association with Auckland Museum

Venus Envy

Venus Envy, hosted by Noelle McCarthy, is a podcast series about what women really want in life, in work, from men and from each other.

Brought to you by The Spinoff in association with Auckland Museum, Venus Envy continues the conversations around the Are We There Yet? Women and Equality in Aotearoa exhibition.


WEEK ONE (Saturday 14th July): Jacinda Ardern and Mary McGee - leadership, feminism, domestic violence, toxic masculinity

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WEEK TWO Parris Goebel, Karen Walker, Rosanna Raymond- image, power, role models.

WEEK THREE Zoe Lawlor, Hayden Wilson - #metoo and the NZ legal profession

WEEK FOUR Annah Pickering, Nunu Davey, Damaris Coulter - sex work, activism, growing up trans in New Zealand

WEEK FIVE Emma Espiner and Colleen Smith-Are We There Yet? - a mum and daughters experience

WEEK SIX Leilani Moimosea and Katherine Lowe - racism, feminism and the fashion industry


Are We There Yet?