Wikipedia Statistics


Auckland Museum was one of the earliest GLAM institutions in Aotearoa New Zealand to engage with Wikipedia, hosting the first Wikimedian in Residence in 2017. Since then volunteers have uploaded over 100,000 openly licensed images to Wikimedia. In 2020 Mike Dickison was commissioned to write a An Auckland Museum Wikipedia Strategy which has informed the Museum's Wikipedia Workplan. More information about past and present Wikipedia activities can be found on the Auckland Museum GLAM project page.


On this page you can find some statistics which illustrate the impact of Wikipedia making the Museum's collections more widely accesible. These are based on the usage of Auckland Museum images uploaded to Wikimedia (Category:Images from Auckland Museum) and are sourced via GLAMorgan, set at a depth of 0. You can also find statistics over time at BaGLAMa 2.